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May 20, 2008 07:51 AM

San Diego Caterers

I am looking for someone to partially cater a party I am having at our home next month (30-40 people). I don't need servers or anything fancy, but I would like very good food. Ideally, we'd like some buffet type dishes that we could pick up (or have delivered). I plan to cook for the party too. Any recommendations? I know about all the big caterers (Waters, Festivities, French Gourmet, etc.) -- I would prefer someone small who would cost less and be interested in doing a smaller, more casual party. I wish Chez Odette was still in business -- they would be perfect! (Remember them? They had the little shop on 5th in Hillcrest several years back....)

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  1. If you're up for regional Mexican dishes, Super Cocina does a lot of catering. From what I hear, they are quite reasonable.

    1. Jora, I know the perfect caterer for you. The size you are asking about is their specialty and they are all about providing delicious food. Contact Lee Ann at and she will work with you to customize the menu to fit your budget. I'm sure she will have plenty of references for you...

      1. I actually run a catering biz myself. I actually gauge more towards home parties that just need the food, not so much the waiting and serving. I'd be more than happy to send you a menu and/or any other info you may want!

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          Can you email me a menu? Thanks!