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May 20, 2008 07:51 AM

San Diego Caterers

I am looking for someone to partially cater a party I am having at our home next month (30-40 people). I don't need servers or anything fancy, but I would like very good food. Ideally, we'd like some buffet type dishes that we could pick up (or have delivered). I plan to cook for the party too. Any recommendations? I know about all the big caterers (Waters, Festivities, French Gourmet, etc.) -- I would prefer someone small who would cost less and be interested in doing a smaller, more casual party. I wish Chez Odette was still in business -- they would be perfect! (Remember them? They had the little shop on 5th in Hillcrest several years back....)

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  1. If you're up for regional Mexican dishes, Super Cocina does a lot of catering. From what I hear, they are quite reasonable.

    1. Jora, I know the perfect caterer for you. The size you are asking about is their specialty and they are all about providing delicious food. Contact Lee Ann at SanDiegoMobileChefs@hotmail.com and she will work with you to customize the menu to fit your budget. I'm sure she will have plenty of references for you...

      1. I actually run a catering biz myself. I actually gauge more towards home parties that just need the food, not so much the waiting and serving. I'd be more than happy to send you a menu and/or any other info you may want!

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          Can you email me a menu? jorazulauf@yahoo.com Thanks!