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May 20, 2008 07:37 AM

[DFW] best patio drinks and apps?

taking group of 8 to celebrate husband's birthday and wanted a good place to have pre-dinner drinks outside on a patio? We will be headed to Ziziki's or Tillmans for dinner. Any suggestions??

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  1. Ah, now we can make some suggestions.

    Go to Tillman's. Ask for Michael Weinstein. Tell him that you heard his food kicks arse and see if he can do anything off menu for you. Don't know if he can, but try.

    Before you go around name dropping, head to the Bar Belmont for drinks. Best view of downtown from anywhere. Bar Belmont is tough to beat if you're looking to properly enjoy a couple of drinks.

    You can thank me, the infamous EE, after your husband thanks you for being so thoughtful!!

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    1. re: Epicurious Esquire

      i agree with EE about the Belmont. just make sure you know how to get there, and don't take any wrong turns.

      zizikis and tillmans

      if zizikis is still on travis, you can take your pick of patios. Toulouse has good coctails and apps; for more casual, you could cross the tracks to The Porch on henderson. i would call either and let them know a day in advance that you'll be bringing 8 for the patio. send someone early. *you won't have this problem at Belmont as long as it's not rented out.

    2. Props to EE on the Belmont. Went to a 40th bday blowout a couple weeks ago. Very Un-Dallas.