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May 20, 2008 07:21 AM

There is Something Wrong With the Food in Las Vegas

In every restaurant, in every casino, in every fast food joint in Las Vegas - The food has this certain taste. Has anyone noticed it? It is indescribable other that to say it permeates everything and ends up coming out of your pores. The best way to describe it is bad grease but it is much more insidious. Maybe the price of oil has reached into the grease vat and it doesn't get changed as often. I am telling you - it was gross - from a burger to a $100 meal it was all the same.

My girlfriend and I had to get out of town because we couldn't eat there anymore. May 2008.

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  1. You were able to buy a meal in Vegas for $100?! There's your real point, not this silliness about everything tasting the same because of the casino water. Where was it -- Capriotti's Sandwich Shop? Original Pancake House? Tacos Mexicano? I've wandered away from the Strip to all of the obvious low-end possibilities and have never paid less than $150/person (incl. tax, tip), especially if you get the Forty-Niner Flapjacks at OPH or the three hard-shell ground-beef tacos at TM. You should post the details of your find in the Southwest board!

    1. You might want to post this on the Southwest board. I'd like to see their response.

      As for me, no, I've never noticed it. I've had a lot of good meals in Vegas, from fast food to $200 per person meals. I never noticed any funny taste while eating at Renoir, L'Atelier, Fleur de Lys, Delmonicos, Postrio, or Mesa Grill. Nor did I notice anything funny when I eat at Lotus of Siam, Grand Lux, Enoteco San Marco, La Salsa, Fatburger, etc.

      The only thing I could figure is that you might be acutely sensitive to smoke and it affected your taste buds. But I've never experienced that.

      (ETA: this was originally posted on the LA board)

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        I think Jwsel has something here. The smell of vegas gets to me too; and smells definitely affect your taste impression (90% of taste is smell, or something like that?)...

      2. Well that's certainly a very specific post. How about the names of where you ate. What the problem was, management's response, etc.? I think it pretty clear, if you read dozens of reviews on this board of Las Vegas restaurants, that some of the finest meals in the US are available in that town.

        1. I've never noticed any thing, like your description. Most of our dining is in the higher-end establishments, but even the quick foray to Margaritaville for a burger (surprisingly good, and theme-restaurants are not normally my style) did not yield anything similar. Never have done any of the buffets, so cannot comment there.

          Usually great and innovative food, with a few "trendy" clunkers thrown in, but no aftertaste at all. Maybe we washed it away with our wine? You really got me there.


          1. The original comment has been removed