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May 20, 2008 06:26 AM

Moving to Bethel CT

Any recommendations for butcher or fish store in Bethel or Danbury CT? Also, we tried Pancho's and Gringo's in Bethel and thought it was pretty bad--any better, more authentic Mexican in the area?

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  1. If you are right in the village, you are lucky to be close to Carluzzi's. Their meat and seafood dept are both really good. If route 6 is more convenient, Simply Seafood is a great option. For authentic mexican, go over to route 25 in Newtown and try Mexicali Rose or head down 25 to Monroe and try El Coyote. Mexicali Rose is a small place with only a few tables, whereas El Coyote is a full sit down restaurant.

    Others might chime in about places in Danbury, but I don't know any well enough to give my insight.
    Enjoy and welcome to the area!

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    1. re: mom2

      Thanks so much! We've had meat from Caraluzzi's and were happy with it, but haven't tried the seafood yet. Glad to hear it's good. We have been to Mexicali Rose and loved it--went there when we were thinking of moving to Newtown, and will definitely go back.

      1. re: AmyNY

        our favorite place around here is La Zingara in Bethel. If you haven't tried it yet, treat yourself soon!

        1. re: mom2

          We'll be in the house in 10 days. Maybe we'll go there to celebrate when we finish unpacking! Thanks again.