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Eastern European in KC

Does anyone know of any Eastern European restaurants in Kansas City (Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Czech, etc.)? Thanks, in advance.

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  1. I don't know of a regular restaurant but in Independence there is a bakery called Kobe House. Sometimes they have a couple of things that aren't bakery items that are Czech. Their website is www.kobehouse.com I think. Excellent bakery items.

    1. Grinders has a Hungarian guy come in on Monday night and make Hungarian specialities. I've never been, so I can't vouch for the quality, but I know the guy was brought in by popular demand when the other place he was cooking closed (do I have that right?)

      You might also call the Strawberry Hill Museum to see if they can hook you up with some Croatian delicacies (http://www.heritageleaguekc.org/straw...). Looks like they have a tea room with "Slavic desserts." You might also call a couple of the churches in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood. You might also check out this (http://strawberryhillkc.org/links.aspx). Krizman's House of Sausages in downtown KCK sounds like a good place to start.

        1. Okay, Okay - I have debating bringing up the chain - but there is a Kolache Factory in Joco - at 135th? Near Ethan Allen in the strip mall.
          The Kolaches are what you'd expect. I had the savor not sweet ones.

          Fining Easter Euro delights in KC is my long suffering goal.

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            Thanks for that tip, stellmystar. In Kansas City, beggars can't be choosers.

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              Also, Barb's Kolaches in Shawnee, off SM Pkwy west of Monticello. They also make bierocks, but call ahead.

          2. there is a small market on 79th st, just west of Metcalf. (maybe its named Taste of Russia?) Eastern european food and goods, lunch special most days.

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              Yeah, I just noticed that big "lunch specials $3.99" sign on Saturday. It was early, so they weren't open for lunch. I was in there a year+ ago and it was simply grocery, I thought.

              Any idea what the lunches served are like?

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                .there are a few regular items and rotating specials- plenty of things to try some recognizable by name some not. I was there on Sat afternoon and the experience was a hoot- very loud bad 80's rock music playing outside in the market area, just as bad music playing inside too- They specialize in lamb and some beef (both fresh every Thursday) nice eatern european folks own/operate it. Its been there for 8 yrs.

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                  Can you eat in? I don't recall seeing any tables. I also thought it was owned by an Egyptian couple who had bought it from the original owner. I thought they had steered the Russian angle a little more toward Georgian/Armenian/Turkish, while keeping a nice stock of more traditionally E. European goods. I'm pretty sure I got some basturma there. My memory is obviously not real clear though...definitely need to check it out again. Thanks.

            2. You might want to check out the Slavic Festival in Sugar Creek (http://www.slavicfest.com/). Local vendors may be able to help you out.

              And the website? It. Is. Hilarious.

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                Great idea, Heatherkay! Thanks for the tip

              2. I don't know of any Eastern European restaurants either. I have had the povitica from Strawberry Hill in Lenexa. I went to the Slavic fest in Sugar Creek and had some of Peter May House of Keilbasa which is a little different, and has some bite to it. They have a location in Kansas City if your interested in trying it out.