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May 19, 2008 10:50 PM

Bar to watch Man U vs. Chelsea on Wednesday?

Need to find a good soccer pub to watch this big game on Wednesday @ 11:45 AM...needs to be in the valley, ideally between burbank and sherman oaks.

Suggestions, anyone? I usually am not drinking at noon during the week!

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  1. I'd try the Fox and Hounds in Studio City, but I'm not sure if they're open that early.

    Fox and Hounds
    11100 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604

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    1. re: BeenThereAteThat

      According to the Fox and Hounds website, they will be showing the final, but the site says "limited entry." (Their menu lists a scotch egg and a ploughman's lunch, but no toad in the hole.)

      Robin Hood has the same items on its menu, but I cannot find any record of whether it is showing the match. It is not a sports bar, though, by any stretch.

      1. re: BeenThereAteThat

        There's only one reason to like this place, but I'll get to that.

        First off, the food is shambolic. Don't touch. Don't even look.

        Second, the presentation sucks. The place is divided into two sections. The main room with tables features a big standard def projection screen that flickers intermittently. Sound is either too low or deafening; can't take Tommy Smyth at any volume. The bar side features small TVs that carry simultaneous games on competition match days or last day bouts. If you're watching the big screen, a word of caution... the proprietor thinks he can video DJ back and forth to show penalty kicks from games in the other room, so watch out! Also, the restroom only accommodates one, and for big matches, this place is packed way beyond capacity.

        Alright, all that said, here's the reason to go, especially if you live on the north or east sides of town: the atmosphere. For a few years, I used to be a regular. And though on some days, it would be loads of unemployed folk looking for an excuse to drink; on most, it was die hard fans. The variety and diversity was untouched by any other pub. Eredivisie, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc., even a few South American leagues.

        Fox and Hounds is (was) consistently rowdier and more colorful than Cock and Bull. King's Head used to be horrible (too many non-footballing types paying no attention to the match and blocking your view), though word is that it's gotten better of late. If I lived on the Westside, Cock and Bull is where I'd be, but only for convenience. They try and push a mediocre "English" breakfast on you, and usually charge a cover. On the phone they'll tell you it's $10, but when you get there, suprise! $15. Guess I need to learn to speak Scouse. Compare this to Fox and Hound, who tolerate the regular auditor.

        Lastly, please remember, these impressions are not up to date. Oh yeah, and please don't post spoilers on this or any other forum, even though it isn't against the rules. Our brothers and sisters with 9 to 5 jobs deserve the same excitement from their tivos that we enjoy in the pub.


        1. re: africanizedkiller

          I actually haven't been to Cock and Bull, but the atmosphere at King's Head was great for the semis. They have decent chow and drinks too..

          Stay away from fox and hounds. That place sucks pretty bad in all respects.

      2. Any pub worth its salt will be open that early. Heck, some pubs even open at 5am and charge a cover to help pay for the satellite feed for live games. (Fortunately, this UEFA final will be on ESPN.)

        I second the Fox and Hounds rec.

        1. If it's authenticity you crave with your match, replete with real atmosphere, real fans, real chants and yes, real early morning pints wif yer real pub grub, this die-hard Gooner's favorite spots, THE COCK AND BULL (Santa Monica) and THE BRITISH & DOMINION CLUB (Garden Grove), offer two distinctly differing takes on the experience. The former is grittier, rougher and the regulars, more likely to be terrace lads back home where the latter, clubbier and comfortable and with families.

          I wish like heck that my Arsenal were playing in that final.

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          1. re: Kris P Pata

            :-) Mr Foodiekat and I feel the same way. We were gutted Arsenal didn't make it to the final. In terms of food, which pub you mention is better?

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. I don't recall if Robin Hood on Burbank and Woodman has a television, but you may want to call them. They have great British food and plenty of good ales on tap.

              I am fairly certain that Springbok, the South African pub on Victory near Woodley (just slightly further than Sherman Oaks), will be showing the match. During the World Cup, Springbok would open at 5 am.