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May 19, 2008 08:36 PM

Still looking for Laotian or a good Banh-Xeo in New York...

Anywhere?! Manhattan? Queens? Long Island?

My craving is Banh-Xeo, one of my all-time favorite foods. It's a sort of Asian-style crepe. Mmmm. Are there any restaurants that serve this or a similar tasty dish, even if they don't claim to be a Laotian place?

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  1. Banh xeo are served at a fair number of Vietnamese restaurants in and around the city, though with many fewer "fixins" than you'd find in the home country, or (I imagine) in Laos.

    1. looking for a good one! I'm only familiar with it in the context of vietnamese restaurants; I used to have a good one up in Binghamton/Johnson City at the dirty vietnamese restaurant around the corner from the fancy one. Down here, tThe one at Thai Son in Jackson Heights is lousy; I saw a very big and pretty one floating by my table at Nam Son in Chinatown recently but definitely, I'd love a good one: big fat shrimp and fillings, crisp crepe.

      any leads?

      1. Laotian is tough to come by in and around NYC. Now that Poodam's, the Isaan Thai restaurant in Long Island City, is closed, it's even more difficult. To my current knowledge, your best bet to find Laotian is to go to Ayada or Zabb Thai in Elmhurst or Jackson Heights, respectively, and order Isaan items from the menu, such as som tam prepared in Isaan (w/picked crab) rather than generic-Thai style. The Isaan region of Thailand is culturally cognate with Laos.

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          yup, ayada's the favorite for sure and while I used to only get the som tam with crab, the green mango salad with crab is a lot tastier!

          but how bout that banh xeo???

        2. found an analogue recently at Ploy Thai:

          done with mussels, a very nice and crispy pancake served over bean sprouts (instead of folded over) and without any lettuce or anything to wrap it. tasty tho!