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May 19, 2008 08:26 PM

Delicious Eats around La Jolla for Large Party

So I have to find a delcious place to eat for my co-workers for a fun end of the school year dinner. There will be about 25 of us so recommendations of places that have a private room or can accomodate us would be much appreciated.

While we are not restricted to La Jolla, we would probably not like to go further than 15-20 minutes out of La Jolla. (PB, Downtown, Del Mar, Solana, etc)

My co-workers have requested that we not eat mexican food, but they are pretty open to anything else.

I would appreciate any and all recommendations. Thank you so much!!!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The big question (especially in LJ) is how much money do you want to spend ?

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      1. re: honkman

        i think the budget is about $25-$30 a person.

        We are willing to venture out of La Jolla as well though. =]

        1. re: sarahandstitch

          $25-30 a person limits things a bit but if your coworkers are into greek/middle eastern food you could have quite a feast for that amount. Alborz in Del Mar (persian and greek) has a lot of space and could probably accomodate you. Likewise, Cafe Athena (Greek) in PB has a room on the side that I have seen large groups take over.

          I was at Brockton Villa for brunch on Suday (not the best food, but the view was to die for) and they had a huge table (proably 25 people) set up on the balcony for some sort of family gathering. You could probably get away with that price range there.

          Also, not exactly chowish, but PF Changs always has a lot of big groups and (most) people seem to enjoy it.

          As far as Italian I would imagine Piatti and/or Osteria Romantica in La Jolla Shores would set something up for you, but it might be a bit tough to keep it in your price range.

      2. Private room at Jasmine in Kearny Mesa would work. That's about 15 minutes away from La Jolla up the 52. Very good Hong Kong style upscale Chinese.