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May 19, 2008 07:28 PM

Best Burger in Tacoma-Seattle?

So who has the best burger in the Tacoma/Seattle area? I perfer road side places.

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  1. Lots of previous threads on this very topic, all. Do a search for good info.

      1. re: Baboo

        Baboo, Thanks for the link! I agree with his choice of The Pick Quik in Fife was one of the region's best. Their fries are hand cut every morning and not frozen, processed drek. Now that the weather is great, their outdoor tables make for a perfect burger experience. For the burgers you have a huge range of options including sliced or chopped onions. Second on my list would be Two Bells Tavern in Belltown.

        1. re: Leper

          i wonder how he would rate LUnchbox Laboratory (Seattle)....

        2. re: Baboo

          Anyone who rates XXX as the best burger in Washington can't be trusted. McDonald's is better.

        3. Being from a major bratwurst-and-beer area in Wisconsin, I still favor nearly any kind of meat grilled over charcoal. Does anyone know of any restaurants actually cooking meat over charcoal around here?

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          1. I thought Two Bells was over rated to be honest. nice enough - honest place, but the burger was greasy, had a long feel of grease on the system and tongue hours after eating it which is not the case for truly fresh, non antibiotic, local beef ive become accustomed too.

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            1. re: jamesbra

              I don't remember them being too greasy for my taste (maybe there's no such thing), but the stiff baguette was the deal-breaker for me.

            2. Up until a month or so - I might have said TwoBells in Belltown. Then Scott and Alegra opened up Lunchbox Laboratory in Ballard on 15th NW and about 72nd I think. I ate there the first couple of days they were opened - since then discovered by restaurant reviewers - and had their Prime Burger as well as several other when I returned nearly daily. GREAT stuff. Wonderful Sides. A bit small and they do sell out! So go early. The place can be cramped - take out is a good idea, but hanging out in the place is fun as well.

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              1. re: Barry CB Martin

                Apples and Oranges. (at least apples and pears)
                Two Bells burgers are not in the same category as what the Lunchbox Labs folks do. They do the thinner patty style burger. The Lab has thick, heavy patty burger. There are times when one is appropriate and times for the other.

                That said, I don't like the baugette thing that Two Bells (and a couple others do), but that's a different topic.

                1. re: GreenYoshi

                  Zuh? Two Bells is definitely in the thick-patty category. That's what I like about their burgers. (But lunchbox lab and quinn's both beat them.)