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May 19, 2008 07:26 PM

Any bar suggestions in West Delray/Boca or Boynton

A friend and I like to meet once a week or so for a drink and maybe a bar snack but not dinner. We have been frequenting the Ugly Mug but it's got so noisy with the pounding juke box that we have given up.

We don't want a cup of coffee, we would like a beer and a glass of wine with or without a snack and not at Boca prices such as Henry's at the bar. Applebees is plain old boring, we don't feel like driving to downtown Delray and cannot think of anywhere else. I am not crazy about the Boca Ale House. We don't mind smoke. Wish there were English pubs around (Blue Anchor and Lion and Eagle are both too far). Any suggestions.

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  1. Smartie, How about Howard Schnellenberger's place on Glades just W of the TPK (don't pull in the wrong "driveway" or you'll end up on the TPK with no way to turn around).

    Let me see...it's got some generic sounding name I can never remember... ah yes...

    The Original Steakhouse

    Despite the name, it reminds me more of a slightly upscale sports bar/restaurant ala Delray Bru's with a touch more upscale.

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      thanks CFB will suggest it to my friend and will give it a try

    2. I don't think you can get any lower on the spectrum than Ugly Mug. I was there after a company party and I really don't mind dive bars at all. Bru's Room in Delray is a low end sports bar by most standards IMO. It has a concrete floor just like Ugly Mug, so it's not a problem spilling your beer.

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        yep the Ugly Mug is err........... interesting. I was looking for something more west of downtown Delray, it's that quick drink after work kinda thing we wanted rather than driving any great distance.

      2. What about Gatsby's? SW 18th St in the Shoppes at Village Pointe.
        I know it's a little south of Delray but not too bad, Just west of Military Trail.

        1. Benny's Ice House in Boynton... Might be similar to the Ugly Mug... Or Hops in Boynton on Old Boynton & Congress.. Or are these all too far. There are a bunch of places up there in Boynton...
          I wish Yard House was closer.... Love that place for casual drinks....

          1. Today's Sun-Sentinel explores "THE DUCK" bar located on Federal Hwy. Boca Raton.

            They have a really nice happy hour and it is a small place with lots of guys hangin after work.

            All kinds of beers available..............Give it a shot!!!

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              how can I forget bout The Duck! In Boca on Federal.