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May 19, 2008 06:39 PM

Lunch tomorrow - Main LIne - Where??

Originally, my friend who lives in Bryn Mawr and I were going to have lunch at Maia. However, we dropped that idea in light of the reports that they do not yet have their act together yet. (I do hope they are together soon as it seems an ambitious and worthwhile undertaking, but I digress.) So we chose Positano. Alas, they are not open for lunch tomorrow.

Needed: A spot where we can have a lunch and not feel rushed as we have a lot to catch up on. Food and ambiance more important than price. Preferably accessible by train, although I can get a car from PhillyCarShare.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Tango and Lourdas in Bryn Mawr are both adjacent to the BM train station. I had a terrific lunch at Cafe Fresko (walk from BM station) recently. Blush is also walkable from there. If you take the train to Radnor, you'll be within walking distance of 333 Belrose and Pond/Bistro Cassis. Beyond that, most of the Wayne restaurants are close to that station.

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      Thanks, vicarious, for your help. We ended up eating at Cafe San Pietro - from noon until 1:30P we were the only patrons. Talk about not being rushed!
      Her salmon panini and my arugala salad with grilled shrimp were quite good, and I was pleasantly surprised that the portions were manageable. The prices reflected this perfectly. Lunch for two under $20.00.

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        Funny, I've lived on the Main Line for many years and haven't tried either Cafe San Pietro or Positano. I had even thought to include them in a new thread "Restaurants I pass frequently and never hear about." Thanks for the feedback and giving me a new, old place to try.