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May 19, 2008 06:34 PM

Brookside Inn, Oxford, CT, not known to Chowhounds?

In my travels Sunday I spotted the Brookside Inn on Highway 67 in Oxford, CT and it looked interesting. There is nothing here on CH about it. Anyone have the skinny? Perhaps Italian food? No website.
Elsewhere on the web there seem to be about 10 reviews, which are 50-50 polar opposites (even recently). Should I stay away?

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  1. I know the Brookside Inn, though haven't been quite in a while. It's Italian-based, but it's not a pizza joint (though I think they have some pizzas on the menu). Basic food, no haute cuisine or anything, but decent. The hubby has a better recollection than I, and he had something peasant-y and hearty, and very good (sort of a Hunter's Chicken). Then again, it's not a place where we've said "We absolutely must come back here." I wouldn't break my neck to get there, but if I found myself in the area and starving, I'd stop in. Though I might check first to see if the Oxford House is open instead.

    1. jfood's inlaws live nearby. it seems to have a pretty good following. the only meal jfood ate there was a burger and fries, nothing special, not great, not bad. sorta is what it is.

      jfood would recommend continuing on 67 and go to good news cafe

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        Brookside has pretty decent seafood. Husband and I had appetizers and drinks there back in the fall and we were pleasantly surprised by the freshness and quality of the food. I haven't had a full meal there in years so I can't really comment.

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          My inlaws live there, too!

          Never heard of the Good News Cafe. Solid?

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            The spectrum of comments about the Good News Cafe has piqued my interest. I think I'll try it on a weeknight. If I wear dark sunglasses I get mistaken for Spielburg.

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              I tried Taste Good Cafe a few years ago and I felt out of place. Although I admit I am not a true Chowhounder.

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                I've not been, yet I read they had crayon drawings on the wall. Why did you feel out of place? I don't understand your comment. What IS the atmosphere?
                I assume you meant Good News Cafe...

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                For some reason, I thought Good News Cafe was farther from the Brookside Inn than it is -- I was thinking 30+ minutes, and it's more like 20 (and that's if you do the speed limit). So if you haven't been to the Good News Cafe, I say forget the Brookside and keep going to GNC before the tourists hit.

                The artwork changes periodically, so there may not still be crayon drawings on the wall.

            2. You know I was looking thru the postings when I came across yours. I thought to Myself theres a place I haven't been to for a while! So I loaded up the truck and went there last night. I had a nice lobster,the wife had Veal Picotta. The food was as good as I remember,and the service attentive. I highly recomend Brookside,and have had many great times there! Thanks Scargod for reminding Me of a good place to eat.

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                I haven't been there for years and tried it today with several friends for a late lunch. It's been remodeled since last time and the food and service were very good. It's a locals type place where they probably know the name of half the people walking in, which made me wish I lived in Oxford. I would definitely recommend it for a solid meal.

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                  That's the way we felt about our recent dinner. I reviewed the meal here: