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May 19, 2008 06:32 PM

Romantic Dinner in Central NJ

OK, I am looking for a place to go for our Anniversary with my hubby, but I am having a hard time finding the perfect place. Here is what I want.

1. Budget is about $50-60 per person
2. It could be prefixed menu
3. Somewhere that has a nice romantic atmosphere, or nice scenary. (i.e. by the water...)
4. Good food, but no little tiny food on a big plate!! lol
5. Ok, this one may be too much to ask... it has the dance floor. (This is not necessary : )

Let me know if anyone knows something like this! I have 2 weeks to plan!!!! Help!!!!

BTW, I live near by T.P. Exit 10, but I am willing to travel if not much.

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    What about the Black Trumpet in Spring Lake? Last time I was there it was in the summer, and after we took a great long, romantic walk on the boardwalk, and it was so delightful! The restaurant is a BYOB. Check oou the website to see for yourself. A bit of a drive for you, but afterall it is your anniversary. This time of year it's great to go for a stroll. Also, the houses are all so beautiful in that town.

    Happy Anniversary!! If I think of others, I will post!!

    1. hmm, near exit 10. ok nice atmosphere i found @ Il pomodoro in somerset -- not far from exit 10, off 287. food was great, service great and the main floor is very pretty. About $50-60 p/p. another nice spot is metuchen inn, in metuchen. pretty, food good, service can be questionable but wouldnt take off my list. there's water and wine on the lake, but that may be kinda far for you, (watchung). try using to narrow down your specifics too. if u want to go "down the shore" its hard to find a quiet place / romantic esp on the w/ends (crowded).

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        Please note that Il Pomodoro is located in SOMERVILLE, not in Somerset.

      2. Not sure if you are interested in coming to Monmouth Co. but I have two recommendations for you (two of my fav places in the area).
        One - Pirate's Cove on the Bay in the Belford section of Middletown. It's mostly seafood, very good, and is right on the water. If it's a nice night out, you can eat outdoors. Located right next to the Belford ferry. They have monthly chef tastings as well, which I've gone to once and very much enjoyed it.
        Two - Trinity in Keyport. The setting is stunning in a remodeled historic church with unbelievable food. If you go on a Saturday night, they often have live music and a small dance floor. I've seen two bands there, one jazz and one 60s and 70s type music, both enjoyable and people were dancing.

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          Our dinner last night at Trinity deserves a more complete post, and I hope to get to it soon. Regardless, I will second dani's recomendation - Trinity has wonderful food in a fantastic setting. ChefMD can cook!

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            dani, do u have a website for pirates cove and is it byob. yes sorry somerville for il pomodoro thx

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                Thank you so much eveyone for all the suggestions. I am familar with Somerville area, since I work in Somerset Co, but I think my husband and I may want to venture out to somewhere that we do not go so often... Pirates Cove and Trinity sound great! Again, Thank you so much.

                Of course, I will continue to welcome further feedbacks!!

          2. I'd vote for Sophie's Bistro in Somerset. Good French Bistro, within you price, nice atmosphere, and a gracious host. I had my wife's birthday party there, and they did a *great* job. Let them know that it's special to you, and they respond. Speak to Peter.

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              My friend also goes there all the time for celebration. I heard such a good things about them too.. Hmmm, I may really have to look into this place also...