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May 19, 2008 05:15 PM


OK, I don't know much about Brazilian food but I saw Tony Bourdain eating this on his show a few days ago and I thought it looked absolutely delicious. For people "in the know", where can I get a good, authentic version? Spiciness is no obstacle.

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  1. I like the food at Via Brasil at 46th st. very much, the food is very similar to what you would get in Brazil. They do have moqueca but I have never had there, but I have dined there many times and have always liked their food.
    I had the moqueca at Circus long time ago, before they moved to the new location and it was good. I haven't been there in years, though.
    Delicia in the West Village has a good moqueca, but the service is VERY slow, if you don't mind a very slow paced dinner it is a good option.
    By the way, the moqueca will not be spicy, most Brazilian food is not spicy. Although moqueca does come from a region that serves spicy food (Bahia, in the northeast), they will serve the pepper (called malagueta) at the side - as we do in Brazil - and you would add as you wish.

    1. The moqueca at Casa is pretty tasty!

      1. mmmmmmm moqueca. I recommend going to Queens or Newark. I went to Delicia years ago. Liked it alright. Not too memorable. Didn't like Circus. Went to Casa recently and found it REALLY overpriced for the quality of the food.