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May 19, 2008 05:03 PM

Cafe Campbell?

How's the gelato at the new Cafe Campbell? Wine bar? If you've tried it, please spill.

Campbell's revitalized historic downtown seems to be attracting contemporary Italian food purveyors.

Cafe Campbell
360 E Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA

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  1. Just ate lunch there today. I had the shrimp quesadilla which was one of today's lunch specials. It was ok and it was a good sized portion - I didn't finish it. Shrimp are not fresh but I really didn't expect them to be at those prices. Had a bite of my lunch companions lasagne and it was tasty. He still seemed hungry though. Both entrees came with a little salad of sonoma greens on the side and the lasagne had bread. He asked for a small side of marinara to dip his bread in and they came out with a huge bowl. We shared the raspberry gelato and it was yummy!

    I would go back since the prices are good for lunch and it was pretty tasty overall. I don't think I'd get the quesadilla again though. Next time I'll try something else. Large variety of lunch specials to choose from.

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      Thanks for the lunch report. I'd heard about the gelato here and the cuisine described as "modern Italian", but the idea of a quesadilla special still throws me!

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        It was kind of the odd man out on the menu but I figured I'd give it a whirl. I would not get it again though.

    2. We found the gelatos here (chocolate, black cherry, caramel pecan) to be decent but not anything special. Nothing to rival Capogiro in Philadelphia, much less gelaterias in Italy. It's good if you're local, but nothing to lure us away from Rick's in the future.


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        Thanks for the gelato report. Actually the gelato shop on University in Palo Alto is pretty good, if expensive.