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May 19, 2008 04:56 PM

Ted's Montana Grill.....pass the salt

Been there several times, and while the food is good, it is pretty expensive. Think Chili's and then double the price. Honest. Blue plate specials are tasty and run in the 11-15'ish range and there's a $2 drink on top of that. I think much of the food is greasy and way way way oversalted.

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  1. Had probably one of the worst dining experiences of my life at Ted's. Ordered hamburgers, they came raw. Not rare, not pink, but raw on the inside and charred on the outside. Sent them back. They came back - raw again. Tried one more time, and yes, sure enough, came back raw again, and this time cold. Pretty apparent that they'd walked around the restaurants with our plates and never even taken them into the kitchen, since the pickles were still scattered around on my plate. The manager was rude and we finally sat there in the restaurant and called the national 800 number from our cell to complain. Manager came back over, tossed a gift certificate on our table (and we'd go back WHY, exactly?), and let us know we were free to leave.

    Never will I set foot in that place again.

    1. I went to Ted's once, and probably will not go back. I got one of their regular hamburgers topped with a fried egg. The burger was overcooked, and the egg was an undercooked runny mess.

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        Ah yes, fried egg - that would have been the kitchen sink burger. I went to the Crystal City VA location and had one and it was quite good. No complaints about any of the dishes at the table (3 burgers and a side order plate). I preferred it to the Red Robin Royal I had the previous day but they were both dang good burgers. I intend to work Ted's into my regular rotation. Place is packed wall to wall at lunch but the service is fine. I stuck with beef instead of bison, not that it should make a difference. BTW, my egg was firm but not overcooked. Tasted just fine.I think I would prefer my egg a little runny rather than overcooked and rubbery. I was pleased that I didn't have to contend with either. Use the certificate at a different location. You just lucked into a future failed franchise.

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          Dont get me wrong, I like a runny yolk, just not to have the whites of the egg still runny.

          I wont be back to Ted's if its up to me.

      2. I'll be the voice of dissent. I went to the one in Tallahassee once and loved it. I thought it was a better version of Cracker Barrel/Chili's.

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          In Chicago, I paid $12 for an overcooked Buffalo burger, and had awful service in a half empty restaurant. Will never go back.

        2. Like every other chain there are good locations and bad. The Teds at Lexington, KY has been nothing short of outstanding the times I have been there. I really like the concept and the service and food at this location is very good. Based on reviews I've seen from other locations I'm not sure I would stop in another city.

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          1. re: Docsknotinn

            I've had both good and bad experiences. The first, just picking up take out, was delightful, the bartender was pleasant I had a martini while I waited along with their divine half-dill pickles. The gravy was a bit salty though. The second time a different bartender was horrendous, ignored me for two flirty women who walked in after me and a phone call. I ordered, got my food and got out. Emailed corporate who called me so we could discuss the issues and sent me a gift card. When I went back to use it I had a pleasant time actually seated at a table. To me, it's typical chain issues.

          2. I frequent the one in Cranston, Rhode Island, quite often. My kids are addicted to those wikki stix they hand out instead of crayons. And not one single thing I've had, aside from the burgers, is worth the price. Now, I have to say that I am willing to pay more at a restaurant that exhibits some environmental responsibility, which is why I agree to return in the first place.

            Most times we've been, at least one item on either my husband's or my plate is cold. The salad dressing I had tasted like bad goopy Italian from a bottle, and they claim everything is made from scratch in-house. Which may be why some locations are better than others.

            The list of bad food I've had is long. The burgers, however (both bison & beef), have never dissapointed, although they have not been cooked as I ordered.

            All that said, the service in Cranston is always always impeccable.

            I think I do hold Ted's to a higher standard than other chains, not sure if it's the price or the notion that everything is supposed to be made from scratch. But, if I think of them like other chains, they are pretty much right on par. (aside from the much higher price).