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May 19, 2008 04:37 PM

New Philly Cheesesteak place in Columbia SC Vista - anyone tried it?

I'm sorry, I cannot recall the name of this new spot - I think it was written up in The State newspaper recently, but maybe it was the Free Times. Anyway, it's in the Vista where Dixie Seafood used to be. My husband is from Philadelphia and is VERY picky about cheesesteaks (and I am too after eating plenty of mediocre to bad ones in Columbia) - I was wondering if any of you Cola hounds have checked it out. We don't care for Very's - tried it ages ago and never went back. Sub Cabin was our go to spot until it closed, boo hoo. The owner at DL McLaughlin's (sp?) out in Chapin (where they have great cheesesteaks, BTW) told the hubby to try the steaks at Paulie's Pizza - we have not tried them there yet, but plan to. Since then, this spot has opened. I am praying that it will have awesome cheesesteaks ... someone please hip me to whether it's worth a try or not. I'm sorry to be so lame about remembering the name!

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  1. Paul's Philadelphia Eatery on the corner of Senate and Park...they are the Real Deal...ribeye, amoroso rolls, an italian guy with a Philly accent...great pizza too...just like home. Paulies in northeast is not the same as Paul's Philadelphia in the vista...don't care for Paulie's pizza or Pop's...neither one hits the same mark. Next to the Flying Saucer...hard to see the sign, but they're in between the mexican place and the saucer..

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    1. re: justalittlejaded

      I think it's just okay ... and it irks me that he wants to charge so much extra for sharp provolone. I prefer DL McLaughlin's out at the lake.

      1. re: atruebluedevil

        I didn't think it was all that either. To me, the cheesesteak at Publix is better. Haven't been to DL McL in years but their subs were good when I used to go.

        1. re: Cpt Wafer

          It still rocks the house. It's worth the drive, plus you get lively conversation from the owner. Great fries too. I'm glad to hear you agree with me - I always respect your opinion!

    2. I really enjoyed it last night. Good rolls, slightly toasted, offer whizz, but I went with provolone. Iron City beer (Pittsburgh, but close enough).