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6' subs ? Any BIGGER?

A couple of years ago we got a 6' sub from Stop & Shop for a party and it was a huge hit. We're looking for something comparable or bigger. Anyone know of other places with truly giant-sized sandwiches for a party? 3' is common. 6' is rare. I personally want a 10' sandwich; I could then die in peace, fulfilled. I love sandwiches. Love love love.

We are in the middle of Mass; can get to 91 corridor, rte 2, Pike, Worcester with ease.

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  1. Find a bakery with a 10 foot oven.

    1. Try Subway! they used to make them long, not sure exactly how long but you could check. Earle Ct.

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        TC Lando's in Acton and Hudson makes a 6' sub which is excellent.

      2. I'm a big ( ! ) sandwich hound myself...But how you gonna haul a 10 footer home? How big is your table, Cupfish?!! You can always put 2 6' subs together, take out the ends that meet, pre-slice, and voila, 12' sub

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          Tie it to the roof of your car?

        2. D'angelos makes big subs as well...used to bring them into work to feed the guys. Not sure how long they are though.

          1. Roche brothers makes a 5' sub for $70, says it feeds 30

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              feeds 30?????? who only eats a 2 inch sub?

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                well you dont make a 5' sub on a roll the girth of a normal 6" sub roll. So i would say the roll is probally 6-8" deep and another 6"-8" tall.. So 6x2x6 could be a decent portion.

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                  If the girth is really larger than the normal sub roll, then I agree 100%. But if it is a nrmal sub roll, then no way does a 5' sub feed 30 people and it would also be a rip-off ($7 for a 6-inch sub?).