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May 19, 2008 04:14 PM

6' subs ? Any BIGGER?

A couple of years ago we got a 6' sub from Stop & Shop for a party and it was a huge hit. We're looking for something comparable or bigger. Anyone know of other places with truly giant-sized sandwiches for a party? 3' is common. 6' is rare. I personally want a 10' sandwich; I could then die in peace, fulfilled. I love sandwiches. Love love love.

We are in the middle of Mass; can get to 91 corridor, rte 2, Pike, Worcester with ease.

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  1. Find a bakery with a 10 foot oven.

    1. Try Subway! they used to make them long, not sure exactly how long but you could check. Earle Ct.

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      1. re: Earle

        TC Lando's in Acton and Hudson makes a 6' sub which is excellent.

      2. I'm a big ( ! ) sandwich hound myself...But how you gonna haul a 10 footer home? How big is your table, Cupfish?!! You can always put 2 6' subs together, take out the ends that meet, pre-slice, and voila, 12' sub

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        1. D'angelos makes big subs as well...used to bring them into work to feed the guys. Not sure how long they are though.

          1. Roche brothers makes a 5' sub for $70, says it feeds 30

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              feeds 30?????? who only eats a 2 inch sub?

              1. re: rizzo0904

                well you dont make a 5' sub on a roll the girth of a normal 6" sub roll. So i would say the roll is probally 6-8" deep and another 6"-8" tall.. So 6x2x6 could be a decent portion.

                1. re: hargau

                  If the girth is really larger than the normal sub roll, then I agree 100%. But if it is a nrmal sub roll, then no way does a 5' sub feed 30 people and it would also be a rip-off ($7 for a 6-inch sub?).