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West L.A. - Great Italian Resturants

I have been to Guidos, Anna's and Pastinas. All very good. Tried Matteos and it was ok. Any other places any foodies can suggest on the westside?

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  1. vincenti in brentwood and bella roma spqr in beverlywood.

    1. On the upper (upper) end, Valentino on Pico in Santa Monica. On the medium end, Carmine II's on Santa Monica Blvd. in Century City. Some here like il Moro on Olympic in West LA (one of the high rise buildings just west of Sawtelle), but we weren't crazy about it. il Grano on Santa Monica Blvd. in West LA, especially for their crudo. Finally il Forno on Ocean Park Blvd. near 33rd in Santa Monica (in the little mall with The Counter on the end of it).

      1. For high end, IL BOTTE and VIA VENETO in Santa Monica, VINCENTI and PECORINO in Brentwood. Oh also, PICCOLO in Venice.

        1. Pomodoro (a small independent place, NOT the nationwide chain) on Westwood Blvd. south of Wilshire is a nice one with good food.

          1. Vincenti in Brentwood and Drago on Wilshire in Santa Monica. Both excellent.

            1. I love Toscana ! Have never had a bad meal there. The food & service are not as elegant as Vincenti, but it sure is a lot more fun. Great hosts and waiters. Be sure to ask about the grilled giant shrimp (It's not on the menu). When they have them, no-one prepares them better than Toscana. Love the Tuscan steak as well. (get it for 2). The grilled calamari is the best I have ever tasted. Good food, good ambiance, good service.. The down side is the noise level. It can be brutal.

              1. Tried Anna's last year and dont get it. cant beleive they have been in business that long. Perhaps they have a long time following since there was not many other choices when they opend. Seems to me they get byu on the olde tymers and just dont cut it anymore. Yes, I am being general.. As to the food, bland tasteless and bad Pizza along with tude from the owners....

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                  It's been a looooong time since I've been to Anna's. But I remember one time my long ago girlfriend and I paid in quarters, dimes and nickels because that's all we had (still in college).

                  My faves were the veal parmigiana and the tagliatelle they make for you tableside. Rich, creamy and a heart attack waiting to happen!

                  Fine dining? Perhaps not. But it does have some ol' tyme dishes that satisfy.


                2. For the life of me, I have no idea why nobody in this board (nobody, that is, except PayOrPlay and yours truly) has ever mentioned Massimo. To avoid repeating myself, here goes the link:


                  1. Valentino is repetitive and well known but it is legitimately good. Vicenti is a little bit lower in price but I'd passed it over Valentino. I also like Drago. I want to like Il Moro but it's been inconsistent the 3x I've gone. Pomodoro is a lower end Italian but good, gives off that Mom and Pop feel with good food. And so does Fritto Misto (Santa Monica) and it's even cheaper than Pomodoro, good food and down to earth good value.

                    1. Not exactly on the West Side but Cucina Paradiso on Motor Ave. is fantastic. Great food, excellent service, nice and romantic. www.cucinaparadiso.net I recommend the pumpkin ravioli.

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                        Pumpkin ravioli also reminded me of Il Moro; their version with amaretti cookies is great! Alas, it's a seasonal item and may not be available now. Still a great place to check out though!