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May 19, 2008 03:47 PM

Best products without High Fructose Corn syrup?

Best products without High Fructose Corn syrup?

I am trying to avoid HFCS and would love to hear peoples suggestions on their favorite HFCS free products.

Products who use real sugar,cane juice,honey or other natural sweeteners.

I am still looking for a decent HFCS free bottled BBQ sauce.

Tried Trader Joes and it was not very tasty...however their ketchup is great!

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  1. Right off the bat: Arnold's Natural Flax and Fiber Bread (not on the list referenced below but I don't know why not) I'll be interested to find out if anyone knows of a HFCS free bbq sauce. Oh, how about the "Maman" brand of fruit preserves? I believe they have no HFCS but I don't have any jars here to prove it.
    Okay, you could have looked this up on your own...but let's have some comments on this asked for the Best Products without High Fructose Corn Syrup and here's a list of products without HFCS...Maman is on the list:
    I do have a bottle of Heinz Organic ketchup (on the list) in the fridge...we do like it!

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      Why not make your own BBQ sauce? You don't need any exotic ingredients - molasses, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, sugar, vinegar, etc.


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        I bought some BBQ sauce this weekend at Ralph's. had HFCS except for the lonely expensive bottle on the bottom shelf simply called "Hawaiian BBQ Sauce". It was quite a bit pricier than the other options, but it tasted fantastic on my pulled pork sandwiches.

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          Have you heard of Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces? They make a great BBQ sauce that has no HFCS.

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          Do your shopping at Trader Joe's. Nothing in the Trader Joe's stores is made with artificial ingredients or HFCS.

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          1. Grown up Soda (GUS) is a very good line of sodas that uses cane sugar:


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              This is why we stock up on "Passover Coke." It's the only time I ever drink any pop anymore.

              TJs has several BBQ sauces, you should give them another try. I think the one we get is a kansas city sauce and it's v. good. I think Annie's also doesn't have it in (in the organic section of your regular grocery).

              1. re: rockandroller1

                Passover anything...Fox's U-bet for example.

              2. re: Sean

                I've been drinking Jarritios and Jones Pure Cane sodas lately. You gotta love flavors like Tamarind. One side effect (besides the raw sugar rush of Jones) is that I drink a whole lot less soda, my sweet tooth craving is satisfied far more by these drinks than the big name sodas.

                1. re: chilihead

                  I learned from a nutritionist that the big cola companies not only use HFCS because of cost reasons but artificial sweeteners do not give the body the feeling of fullness that natural cane sugar does, resulting in the consumer craving more soda, hence the 20 and 24 ounce bottles of Coke that have become popular over the past decade or so.

                  1. re: Sean

                    Think back to the 60's and 70's before hfcs was sneakily added to our soda life... What size were the sodas at the local burger hangouts? 8-16 ounce for small to large... What is a large now? 44 ounce... The explanation that hfcs does not give that full sensation that we got from feeling satisfied by our what would now be a small soda and we did not have to get a "refill" for the road... Coke really pulled the wool over our eyes with "New Coke"... gave them a perfect window to move hfcs into the formulations and then after the disgust with "New Coke", they brought back "Classic", only with hfcs instead of sugar... I can't remember the dates, but I think that is when the influx became a tidal wave of hfcs.

                    Trader Joe's has a chocolate syrup in the Organic section that was truly marvelous.
                    Beware on Blue Sky Sodas, ONLY the Organic Cola is HFCS free... and cane sugar sweetened. but I do love the flavor of the organic one, just a bit too pricey, so I do the Whole Foods and Albertson's Wild Harvest Colas... I think the Blue Sky might be very similar to Grown Up Soda's Dry Cola... Have to give that one a try, found it on this list, thank you to the lister... here is hoping it is ok on price... The aroma on Blue Sky Organic New Century Cola is mesmerizing many herb and spice notes that satisfy the nose as well as the taste buds.

                    1. re: wllp

                      I got a carbonating machine for Christmas because I'm partial to plain carbonated water. We've experimented, mixing with juices for fruit sodas, and YUM! Our favorite is 3-4 parts soda water to one part Simply Lime or Orange. The latter is much like Orangina.

                  2. re: chilihead

                    Hansens Pomegranate is nice, not as sweet as other pop.

                    French limonade is usually a pretty good choice too.

                    1. re: coney with everything

                      Since I have started avoiding HFCS I just take my favorite fruit juice and add seltzer. I get the taste that I want and avoid the nonsense.

                      Of course I am old enough to see soda/pop as an occasional treat and not a daily/weekly thing.

                2. Annie's Natural Organic Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce is delicious. They have a few different flavors, but they are more mustard-tasting. So if you're not a huge mustard fan the sweet and spicy sauce is a good option. If you go to Wholefoods they have a lot of bbq sauces to choose from.

                  I have bookmarked the site and refer to their list of HFCS-free foods regularly.


                  1. Bone Suckin Sauce is the only widely available HFCS-free BBQ sauce that I've found, and it's quite good, although not as thick as most commercial brands. I particularly like the spicy one; I marinate shrimp in it and then grill them quickly, very good. Here in Rhode Island it's available at Stop & Shop and Whole Foods.


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                      1. re: dagwood

                        Just sent an email to Gates BBQ for ingredient info. Kansas/Missouri firm, hoping that they aren't polluting their sauce, but I don't have a bottle out her in Calif to check. Told them I am allergic to corn and hfcs and asked for their assistance. If you want a weight loss testimonial of the effects of HFCS and obesity... here goes... I dropped over 75 pounds by switching out HFCS for cane sugar... NO reduction in calories, NO diet foods or art sweeteners, just removed HFCS and replaced with sugar. No hunger pangs, felt full ALL the time. Also dropped corn fed beef and switched to grass fed beef. No longer had problems eating beef... AND naturally felt full on half the serving size. I could eat a big t-bone and allt the sides, moved to grass-fed and now that same t-bone lasts for 4 meals. Makes the price for grass fed much easier as well. There is actually flavor to the meat and not from covering with sauces. When you actually are satisfied by the food you eat life is much better.
                        Now if you think that it was not related to hfcs, I got some regular hfcs coke in a 12 pack and in the matter of a few weeks put back on 5 pounds. Can I hear a Hallelujah?

                        1. re: wllp

                          Hey wllp - hope all is going well. I just ran into this thread and have had an amazing last month dropping a dress size just by giving up any food with HFCS in it. I can hardly believe it! Everything else is the same, including still enjoying cane sugar (hey can we get a little help from the cane sugar industry to beat back the HFCS usage?). Unfortunately, it's a little tricky to avoid HFCS when eating out. I never know what tomato sauce or whatever it may show up in so I'm sticking to what I know doesn't have any in it. I have been trying to figure out what food ingredient would cause my clothes to become tight OVERNIGHT for about 10 years and I FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT. I don't care what the food processors say, I know this stuff is poison. I just feel bad for the general public whose health is wrecked by this junk and they don't know it and are being lied to. Hey - I hope you are still enjoying great health and good food. Cheers.

                        2. re: dagwood

                          I love this stuff! It's the only BBQ sauce I buy anymore.