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May 19, 2008 03:27 PM

Montreal foodies need reco's for lunch & diner

We will be in Manhattan mid june with our 2 daughters (12 and 9 years old). We need recommandations for lunches and dinners. Please keep in mind the kids, therefore no Le Cirque or Daniel or Per se, but we do fancy great food and great atmosphere.
Thanks so much!

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  1. Questions, more than any recommendations. If you are here with your daughters, what else do you want to do with them besides lunch and dinner? If you want to go to something in midtown, it would not make sense to send you down town. Also, what kinds of cuisines are you open too?

    1. Hi Captain,

      We will be there for 3 days and 3 nights and we will be staying in Midtown but are willing to move around for good food. In terms of cuisine, american, italian, french, middle east, japanese would work.
      Thanks for your help!

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        This thread may help:

        What is the most you are willing to spend on a meal, including tax, trip, perhaps wine/drinks? Is having a kids menu important or will your daughters be OK with a single menu? Any picky eaters in the bunch?

        Frank Bruni (New York Times food critic) has tried a few of the theme restaurants in the area and found them all flawed in some way. Here are his reports:

        That said I think that there are a number of kid-friendly spots in New York, particularly along the pizza, burger, and old school NY deli categories (Katz's).

        1. re: kathryn

          Thanks a lot Kathryn, the links you sent me really helped! Suggestions in there are great as my kids are totally not picky.
          Much appreciated!

      2. your criteria are pretty broad but are a few suggestions:

        -- for one of your fancier dinners, try Il's old-school upscale Italian in Tribeca: classic caesar, shrimp fra diavolo, fancy places go, it might be one of the more fun places for your kids...elegant atmosphere but fun, w/ gratis antipasti (hunks of parmesan, olive-oil saturated zucchini)...

        -- a trip to Chinatown...maybe NY Noodletown for salt-baked squid, roast pig, dumplings...

        -- Cafe Mogador in the East Village for reasonably priced Morocccan tagines or for breakfast...

        -- for Japanese you have tons of options...if you want to try upscale izakaya food and your kids are adventurous eaters, try Aburiya Kinnosuke (midtown)...or hit one of the ramen joints in the East Village (maybe try the new Ippudo: rich pork-broth ramen)...

        -- enoteca in the Lower East Side might be fun too...panini sandwiches and glasses of wine...

        -- your French bistros in Montreal are better than anything we have in NYC, but Balthazar is still a nice pit-stop while exploring Soho on a weekday afternoon for some oysters and salads and wine and dessert...

        -- one of the many pizza options...a search will yield a ton of dissenting opinions on which one is best...

        Have a great trip

        1. Great mid-town pizza stop (thin crust) is Angelo's. One is on 57th St. between 6th & 7th Avenues. The other is on 2nd Ave. @ 55th Street. Also wonderful salads and good (but not great) pasta. Assuming that you're going to FAO Schwartz at some point, there's an ice cream/dessert place on the south side of that building (58th St.)

          If you like Greek, try Molyvos on 7th Ave. & 55th Street.

          It might help to know what neighborhoods you'll be visiting for the 'sites' and then we can help with suggestions that are nearby for either before or after the sightseeing.