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May 19, 2008 03:25 PM

Rosslyn lunch eats

Just transferred to a new job in Rosslyn, so I need to be familiar with a whole new range of lunch options! I know all the chains in the area and of course the pho place, but what else is worth the trip and within walking distance? Is that Tono Sushi place on Wilson any good? Help me out!

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  1. Two places at the top of your list should be Piola (authentic Italian pizza) and Cafe Asia (Japanese, Thai, Chinese) on Wilson Blvd. Lower comes Pho 75, Santa Fe Cafe (Tex-Mex), China Garden (Chinese), and Red, Hot and Blue, also on Wilson Blvd. All in all, you are in quite decent food territory and should never want for options. Sure, it's no Courthouse or Clarendon, but it isn't too far of a step down. When the weather is nice and the work can wait, a walk into Georgetown is always a nice treat.

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      Piola and Cafe Asia are good choices for lunch.

    2. The Quarterdeck (crab shack) is in Rosslyn, bit of a walk thou. Also I do love Pho 75.... which you already mentioned. Rays the Steaks isn't open for lunch, but for future reference, it is awesome for dinner. Guajillo is pretty good tex mex.

      1. I'll throw in my vote for Piola and Cafe Asia as well, and add Guajillo to the list.

        1. I don't like the regular pizza at Piola (the only pizza I've tried), but they make some pastas and salads that are excellent. The salad with the tuna and white beans is a good value, too. I can also rec the penne with smoked salmon, but that starts to get a bit pricey for lunch. I look forward to returning to eat both of those.

          1. Tono Sushi is a sushi buffet where you pay by the pound. it's fast and convenient. I've had better, but it's not bad when you're in a rush. A great new place is Chop't. It's on Lynn Blvd just off Wilson. great huge salads.