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May 19, 2008 03:09 PM

what roses are you drinking?

I don't think a rose is just a summer wine...but I do tend to crave them when the temperatures start to rise. Recommendations?

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  1. Just picked up a case of 2007 Archery Summit Pinot Noir Rose', beautiful pink color, not huge nose but smells of peach and fruit. First tast is tart, not sweet and nice crisp fruity flavors. Nice for summer or any warm day, white wine drinkers love it. I went through a case of 2006 at Oregon Duck tailgaters last year, folks really liked it.

    1. Kosta Browne
      Fiddlehead Pink Fiddle
      Bandol Tempier Rose

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      1. re: njfoodies

        I'm on the Kosta Browne mailing list and I love their wines but IMHO, the rose is one of the worst wines I have ever tasted

        1. re: jp62

          Why don't you like the rose? I'm just curious because a few others have said good things about it on the boards, and I am looking into buying some. Thanks!

          1. re: Ali B

            Well, I had the 2007 Kosta Rose... I thought it was really good. Love the screw top. :-) I went out and bought 2 more bottles after I had the first.

            1. re: Ali B

              IMHO it is way too "hot" for a rose. A rose that exceeds 14% alc is pretty tough to take. I'd rather drink French

              1. re: jp62

                Absolutely agree--I rarely drink CA or Aussie wines because of the high alcohol content. A couple years ago I tried the Think Pink Syrah rosé from CA and it had a nice taste and color but was way too alcoholic.

                1. re: kenito799

                  we had a kb rose over the weekend. it was fine.

                  1. re: TBird

                    the 07 KB Rosé I had was undrinkable. The 06 was just fine.

                    1. re: olivethegreat

                      then something was wrong with the bottle or i'm afraid for your storage. the 07 definately wasn't as good as the 06, but it's far from undrinkable.

        2. I've not bought any so far this year, but love to drink it during the summer. Last year I drank quite a bit of Muga, which is well priced. I'll post back when I start buying some again.

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          1. re: MMRuth

            Turkey Flat $17. Delicious juice.

            1. re: TonyO

              2nd that - easily my favourite Aussie Rose, and possibly my favourite non-Euro Rose.

          2. half way through a case of Cune and will be looking for some Ch Petite and Grande Cassagne. have a couple of Dehlinger pinot roses left as well.

            1. Angoves Nine Vines ! Love it. $12

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              1. re: mac8111

                I agree...I had this recently and LOVED it!!

                1. re: chickstein

                  The Angove's Nine Vines Viognier is a favorite of mine but I haven't seen the Rosé. Where did you get it? Anywhere in SoCal?

                  1. re: olivethegreat

                    I found it in my Super Target here in Texas. $11.99