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May 19, 2008 03:04 PM

Substitute Needed for Bulghur - Spelt?

I have NO bulghur and no barley and no faro. I want to make the roasted chickpea dish in Flexitarian and don't have time to go to the market.

Will spelt take hours to soak and cook? How about brown basmati? I've got that.

Of course, with my excellent pre-planning, I need it for dinner tonight.

Thanks. Oakjoan

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  1. I'd go with the brown basmati.

    1. Funny coincidence, oakjoan: I just made this one today too! It currently awaits consumption for a late dinner. So I'll be interested to see what you think. Mine is done but I am waiting for sweety's opinion too before I post the results. I did have the bulghur on hand-- and I'll be glad to hear how it works out with other grains. I think it would be awesome grain-free, as well.

      1. I'm making it tonight with couscous, as is recommended by Peter in the recipe. My husband & I like couscous & it's so fast & easy to cook. I usually make Trader Joes whole wheat.