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May 19, 2008 03:04 PM

Burlington, VT - 1 Night - Which Restaurant?

We're heading to Burlington, VT for a 1-night stay. We have been tossing up having dinner at "A Single Pebble" or "Trattoria Delia." Which would you recommend? If you can suggest something else, please do. Thanks.

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  1. Both are wonderful. I would pick Trattoria Delia... very romantic and the food and service are absolutely fantastic!

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      I'll second Trattoria Delia....assuming that your choices require a downtown Burlington location.

      If you are willing to drive just a little bit, I'd recommend Cafe Shelburne. I prefer French cuisine to Italian, Cafe Shelburne does it well.

      1. If you're going with a group of 4 or more I say A SIngle Pebble, it's much more fun to share and do family style dining with a group, if it's 4 or less definitely Trattoria for the good food and romantic atmosphere.

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        1. We found Trattoria Delia very expensive. I've seen A Single Pebble many times, but don't have any experience. A worthy Italian choice may be Pulcinella, next to the Barnes and Noble.
          For lunch on the day or day after, you may consider The Shanty on The Shore at the King Street Dock or Kens Pizza on Church Street or Junior's in nearby Winooski or if you got the kids, theres ALs French Fries, a 60s style throwback to fries/shakes/burgers etc (I think they've been on the Foodnetwork's French Fry special).

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            Interesting that you find Pulcinella a better value tthat Trattoria Delia. I found it just the opposite. Pulcinella is basic traditional Italian (not a bad thing) with dinner prices from $14 - $20 +. The prices at Trattoria are roughly the same and the ambiance is so much nicer. The only downside to Trattoria is for those that prefer liquor (beer and Italian wine only). However, their Osso Bucco, Wild Boar, and Filet are among the best entrees offered anywhere.

          2. I love Trattoria Delia, but agree that Single Pebble is a better choice for a group. If you prefer more refined, northern Italian food, L'Amante is also excellent. It's got a more stylish, modern vibe than Trattoria Delia, and an excellent wine list.

            If you're willing to go farther afield, my two absolute favorites (both in the Waterbury area) are Hen of the Wood and Michael's on the the Hill. Both have truly fabulous, inventive food, in beautiful surroundings. Both are probably my favorite restaurants in the state as well. (Waterbury is probably 20 minutes or so from Burlington.) I live in Shelburne, and would skip Cafe Shelburne. It's rather stodgy French food, and very hit-or-miss in my experience. (I actually had to send a dish back on two occasions for being too salty.)
            Good luck!

            1. Thanks everyone. It's just my wife and me, so Trattoria Delia is looking like it may be the choice.