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May 19, 2008 01:36 PM

Loni's Fish and Chips in Ossining

Went here for the first time last week and I meant to rave. We both had the regular portion of FnC and it was huge and something like $6.50 each. The order included 3 filets of breaded fish (tilapia-like, not sure what kind of fish) and a lot of fries.

This was a great, easy and cheap dinner - a rare thing in Westchester.

It's located on Highland Avenue heading north from the downtown Ossining.

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  1. What kind of breading was on the fish Erika? What else do they offer, if anything?

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    1. re: laylag

      I went there about 3 weeks ago myself, when hubby out of town and I could eat whatever. Had shrimp/chips, and it was yummy. Fries a bit bit for my taste, but well cooked. Friendly owner was there, and it's a nice addition to the neighborhood.


      1. re: Nancy C

        > Fries a bit bit for my taste,

        A bit what? Were they shoestring, or some other style? Nice and crisp?

        1. re: MisterBill2

          I suspect "a bit big" was meant. Like steak fries. Just an educated guess.

          1. re: Boswell

            Yep, a bit big (sorry for typo - same finger for f and g"). Steak fries/rail road ties... plenty potato! They were fine, I just like more middle sized ones (and crinkle cut, too!). But then again, I was one of those kids that would only eat french cut green beans, not straight cuts. I'm glad they are nearby and wish them well. Nice folks - hope people are willing to go up that goofy driveway at the oddball intersection.

            1. re: Nancy C

              Well, I had the lunch special combo today, and was disappointed to find that the fries are now shoestring -- no more steak fries. A bit soggy, too. Can we compromise on crinkle-cut?

              Liked the spicy shrimp and the fish, will pass in future on the chicken and the cole slaw that tasted like it has marshmallow in it.!

        2. re: laylag

          The breading seemed like your standard unseasoned bread crumbs. They also had shrimp and I think there was chicken as well. It was more of a Southern Style fry up than a Old England style batter coating. We had shoestring french fries with our order, by the way. Portions were generous even though I was ravenously pregnant at the time (less room in my belly for food these days....).

          1. re: Erikabee

            just take out? or is there a place to sit- why the change in FF size? I like the fat, thick one's and it seems like those are hard to find these days.

            1. re: yeshana

              Wonder what they fry the fish and chips in. Trans fat? Vegetable oil? Any seating?

              1. re: budinado

                The photocopied menu has the "no trans fats" logo on it.

              2. re: yeshana

                Now that you've asked, yes, it's only take out (there's a chair to sit in while you wait for your order...). Once you get your order, drive down to the waterfront in Ossining or Croton and enjoy the view (that's what I did...)

              3. So it appears that no one has posted the address -- 172 North Highland Avenue, next to Mavis Tire. And the phone # is 914-432-7260. And it's speled Lonnie's.

                I still haven't been there but I will one of these days...

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                1. Has anyone been here lately? I have to be in Ossining tomorrow and was thinking of going for lunch.

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                  1. re: MisterBill2

                    Hubby out of town, so southern gal went off to Lonnie's tonight. You couldn't ask for nicer folks serving up good food. It's NOT fluffy English Fish and Chips - it's solid, stick to your ribs fare. I had fish/shrimp/chips combo. All were solid andt a nice option for takeout from time to time. Generous portions, yummy spiced shrimp. Fries suffered from the trip home re: got a bit soggy with all that heat/steam. Had a very tasty piece of sweet potato pie, with a great consistency and wonderful spice ratios. If you're in the neighborhood, give it a try.