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May 19, 2008 01:29 PM

Peter Luger vs. Burton & Doyle (GN)

Would like to take my in-laws to a steakhouse. Which one of the following would you recommend:

Burton & Doyle
Bryant & Cooper
Brooks and Porter

Ambiance, the noise level and the quality of the steak are important. Thanks!

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  1. Never been to B & P, but I think Burton and Doyle is an all-around great place. Nice atmosphere, great good. PL is the best is just steaks are being considered.

    1. Peter Luger's if you want the very best steak you can have. Once that porterhouse for two is in front of me, I might as well be alone in a quiet room, because I'm not hearing anything but my chewing!

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I am a huge P.L. fan and eat there regularly so I say go there. If you can't get a time good for you my second choice would be Bryant and Cooper. I have had a few excellent meals at Bryant and Cooper and it would be a fine alternative.

          1. Brooks & Porter. If you are going on the weekend , the noise factor would be my only concern. If you choose to go, request a table upstairs. Very enjoyable. IMHO the ambiance and steak blow the old standbys away.

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              Except for the fact that the servers weren't as grumpy, I found PL in Great Neck as good as PL in Brooklyn.

              They would be my recommendation.