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May 19, 2008 01:28 PM

Updates to Philly Itinerary

We went to Philly last memorial day weekend and had a wonderful time eating our way through the City. Any places that are new (or newly great) since last year that we should add to our itinerary?


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  1. well, without knowing what you did last year and not being perfect with opening dates, try Marigold Kitchen in university city which switched to a modern southern menu recently. For casual small plates, assuming you did Amada last year (or even if you didn't) try Apamate on South Street. Did you go to Tinto? (Amada's younger sibling). Couquette and Cochon are dualing French bistros at 5th and Bainbridge and Passyunk/6th and Catherine respectively. 10 Arts is just opening at the Ritz CArlton (Eric Ripert). Anything specific you like or hate? There has been lots going on in many neighborhoods.

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      Thanks Bigley. We actually ending up doing more of the italian/hoagies/reading terminal eating than the BYOs/nicer places. We went to one BYO which I liked but wasn't blown away by. I definitely want to try Horizons and perhaps a small plates place. What's your favorite in that category? Are you recommending Apamate over Amada? Modern southern sounds intriguing too.

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        Apamate and Amada are different beasts if you ask me. The former is less showy and more intimate while the second has more of an atmospheric component to it. Both had some tapas/pintxos that were better than others, but to be honest I found a better hit-to-miss ratio at Apamate.