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May 19, 2008 01:11 PM

One Year Anniversary In Florence- I NEED IDEAS!

Hey all I am new to the Chowhound boards so hello to all! I am going to be celebrating my one year anniversary June 26th, and I will be in Florence with my beautiful wife. She just graduated from school and I will be starting up with a law degree in the fall so we are backpacking around europe to celebrate. I want to do something special in Florence and we both looove to eat and drink good wine, but as we are young and will be backpacking, I am on somewhat of a budget! Can anyone help me wow my wife without doing the same to my checkbook? Ha thanks all recommendations are appreciated!

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  1. Go to my Florence post from last December at
    If you go to Teatro del Sale for lunch, you will have a wonderful culinary experience at a very low price (considering prices at restaurants far below this one in quality). At lunch, you will pay 20 Euros per person, at dinner, 30 Euros (but you get entertainment after dinner included in the price). Wine is included with the meal although you should not expect it to be DOC quality. You won't need to get all dressed up, but you will be well-fed and experience dishes you would not otherwise have encountered.
    My post also lists several other places in Florence where you can eat very well for not a lot of money.

    1. I had so many great experiences in Florence. One of my favorite, inexpensive, quaint places to eat is Trattoria Pallottino (Via Isola della Stinche, 1r , Phone: 055.289573). It's near Santa Croce and serves up delicious food in an unassuming setting. We liked it so much, my boyfriend and I went there twice during our week-long stay!

      Some of the primi highlights include: Farfalle in a cream sauce with truffle oil and thin, grated zucchini shavings, Risotto ai funghi porcini, linguine with pesto, penne with gorgonzola and arugula. Secondi stand-outs were: veal scallopine with funghi porcini sauce, veal scallopine with cheese, tomato and oregano sauce, and a rustic eggplant parmesean.

      Some other fun places to go are Mercato Centrale for picnic foods (meats and cheeses). And, if you're in the mood for a nice uphill trek, head up to St. Miniato al Monte, my most favorite chiesa. Not only is the church amazing (it dates back to the 1000s), the view is one of the best of the city of Florence.

      Have a super time!

      EDIT: Duh, I forgot my gelato recomendation! Gelateria dei Neri, Via dei Neri 26r
      Firenze 50122 Italy. Hands-down the best gelato I had in Florence.

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        Pallotino and Nerbone (in Mercato Centrale) are both written about in my post listed above.

      2. How about a picnic in Fiesole?
        From Fiesole you can enjoy the eat-your-heart-out view over Florence.
        The view from Fiesole is great at any time of the day, but my favorite is late afternoon, about sunset time. Grab some bread, prosciutto, cheese and wine, and get on the bus No. 7 at Piazza San Marco.

        BTW, it was Fiesole where George first kissed Lucy in "A Room with a View".