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May 19, 2008 12:57 PM

Is there here in Montreal a place to get real deli turkey sliced?


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  1. So you have a turkey you want to get sliced, or are you looking for a deli with real turkey that can be sliced for you?

    Have you tried going to a grocery store?

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    1. re: SnackHappy

      SnackHappy. The sliced turkey that I have found here is not real roasted turkey. I have bought it at the Jersey Shore at the local supermarket and at a deli in Boca Raton but not here in Montreal. I'm looking for roasted turkey breast and not turkey breast that tastes like processed turkey.

      1. re: davyboy

        I find roast turkey is pretty widely available. I know there's some gross phosphate laden ham-like turkey out there, but most delis have decent roast turkey. What neighbourhood are you in?

        1. re: SnackHappy

          I live downtown (Guy/Dr. Penfield area).

    2. What do you mean by "real deli turkey"?

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      1. re: kpzoo

        I,m looking for real roasted turkey breast that is sliced to order and not processed turkey slices that you find in supermarkets.

        1. re: davyboy


          Off the top of my head, Schwartz's and La Vieille Europe.

          1. re: davyboy

            Schwartz's turkey is to die for.

            1. re: bomobob

              Do you mean Schwartz's smoked turkeys that you order at holiday time, or the turkey sandwiches you can get anytime? I ask because their regular turkey sandwiches are just plain old "turkey roll" - the processed stuff. I know because I don't eat beef and this is often what I end up eating when I go there. I too wish that it was easier to find "real" i.e. 100% pure turkey breast around town. I know that's definitely not what Schwartz's serves because every time I order it the waiter raises an eyebrow and says "that's just turkey roll, eh?" and you can see the telltale "bubbles" in the meat slices. Plus, I become incredibly thirsty about a half-hour after eating it, which I'm sure is from all the salt/chemicals that are pumped into it. When I'm in a position to take home leftovers I get the "combo special" which comes with half a smoked chicken (now that's divine) and whatever red-meat-eater I'm with eats the smoked meat part of the plate or we take it home for leftovers.

              I'll have to check out La Vielle Europe.

              1. re: kpzoo

                Noooo, the turkeys, the turkeys. The sandwiches are not much different from what we used to call mock chicken. Which, to be honest, no "combination sandwich" in the 60s and 70s was complete without.

        2. Davyboy; I know what you mean by sliced "real roasted turkey breast". We just came back from spending a week in Ohio and the local supermarket had exactly what you are looking for. We bought some and it tasted like real turkey, not processed meat. I never found any in Montreal but I am sure that it is available. I will keep my eyes open for it. Good luck!!!

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          1. re: clare

            You're describing exactly what I'm referring to. If you're successful at finding it here in town, let me know. So far, I can't find it anywhere and I don't know why. Do all us Montreal chowhounds like the preservative and salt laden so-called cooked turkey breast that tastes like luncheon meat?

            1. re: davyboy

              i used to get like 8yrs ago at solly's.

              the IGA on jeanne mance and rene lesveques has a good deli meat section, they might have

          2. I've bought some excellent turkey breast at Boucherie de Paris on Gatineau. It's presliced in vacuum sealed packs.

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            1. re: RhondaB

              Hi guys & gals.

              Finally, last weekend at William J. Walter at Atwater merket, I found nitrate free turkey breast (smoked, in this case). It's a new house made product and available in either breast (25.00/kg.) or thigh meat ($20.00/kg.) format. It' tastes completely salt free and has that natural turkey taste I was looking for. I have never seen a thigh meat version and I found it to be superior to the breast meat. By the way, it does not look like a turkey breast or thigh but is a rolled version, but still miles ahead of the usual deli meat style turkey you can get in this city.

            2. I have seen this at Qualitifruits at the corner of Westminster and Mackle in Cote St-Luc (same mini-mall as Solly's bakery).

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              1. re: anachemia

                When folks say deli sliced Turkey, they do not mean smoked turkey but a fresh roasted turkey(daily) that is sliced fresh(not prepackaged) for sandwiches or for folks to take home to eat cold in salads or homemade sandwiches