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May 19, 2008 12:42 PM

MSP former My T Fine-- now Agri? scoop?

the former my t fine still appears to still be closed, but the space has retained the old tables & chairs, equipment, etc. & has been sporting new signage: "agri, from field to table." googling has been of no help to me, and nobody in the biz seems to know who is running the new establishment. dh has speculated that the my t fine may have closed down temporarily, and is now opening as a new concept. does anybody have the scoop on this establishment, or know who is running "agri"?

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  1. My wife's office is actually right next door. Apparently these are former Aveda/Intelligent Nutrients guys (I believe my wife said they own/run Aura in Calhoun Square). Sounds like deli counter w/ table service in evenings focus on locally sourced similar in concept to Common Roots.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. There was a blurb about Agri in the Southwest Journal, a community newspaper (


        According to the story, the owner is Fabrizio Ciccone, who, as Foureyes137 noted, is the (an?) owner of Aura.

        From the article:

        "The 28-seat restaurant will serve healthy, sustainable, organic food, Ciccone said. He has also applied for a beer and wine license, but said his selection would include only six sustainable wines and four organic beers."

        I noticed a sign in the window a few weeks ago, but it was not open then. The article posted suggests they'll be trying to open by early June.

        There are more details in the article. I don't have time to paraphrase the whole thing and the moderators bounced an earlier post with a larger excerpt.

        I'm looking forward to checking the place out once it's up and running.

        [Edited for Grammar - bob s]

        1. all is now explained. thanks you guys.

          1. I drove by about an hour ago and the "Open" sign was illuminated... (I wonder how many other neighborhood 'hounds did automotive double-takes...)

            Anyone who goes, please post your impressions. Thanks!