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May 19, 2008 12:28 PM

Lookout Hill Smokehouse Any Good?

Would like to have father's Day dinner there with a group, but some are food elitists. Me? I'm easily pleased with lots of beer!

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  1. i had a pulled pork sandwich from them at the street fair yesterday. it was ok. th emenu looks good tho.

    1. Do we know the pedigree of this place? Is it being run by the previous owners? Bisquit was a disgrace to bbq food so I'm understandably wary.

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      1. re: kiteIess

        Same owner, same equipment, but a new chef: Joe Breaton, who ran a smokehouse out on LI (the much reviled Biscuit on Flatbush and Biscuit BBQ had the same chef, Josh Cohen). One can only hope...

        1. re: jmj

          just had lunch there. chicken wings(in bbq sauce and i believe butter...???) and 1/4 pounds of brisket(lean) and pork belly. all were good and the whiskey list is pretty extensive. captain lawrence liquid gold and crop circle ale on tap too. i think they need a tv to watch games tho, it's not like it's fine dining.

          1. re: jmj

            I wish them all the luck in the world,.. but the place is Sayville was not good BBQ, Hope this guy does a better job here, than that place on LI

            1. re: lawnguylandguy

              Went there for brunch on Saturday. They didn't have the full menu at lunch so we settled on a pulled pork and a pulled chicken sandwich with a side of mac-n-cheese. The pork was really good and the slaw on top was a nice wasn't amazing and didn't have that pink tip you get with long, slow smoking but it was good. The pulled chix sandwich was better with a great jalapeno relish on top. The mac was pretty damn good with a spiky garlic crunch from the crusted breadcrumbs. It was a pleasurable lunch and makes me want to go back at dinner to see what they don't have at lunch (like the corn pudding and the ribs).

              1. re: pastoralia

                Thanks for the input. I think we'll give it a shot.

                1. re: Stuartmc910

                  hey. longtime troller here. stopped by for dinner the other night. shared the pastrami crusted pork wings and the pork belly BLT. neither of us are BBQ experts but we both thought that the food was great. i actually can't stop thinking about the BLT- it was kinda awesome. didn't have any sides or anything, so can't speak to that or the meat on the board, but we were able to sit outside and service was pleasant and overall, i recommend...

                  1. re: sararose

                    food here is very good. dont be put off by the fact it is in the same space as the dreadful biscuit.