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May 19, 2008 12:14 PM

Looking for a place with great salads (PHX)

No particular ingredient, just focus on quality. My mother seems to be on a salad-kick these days, and I'd like to take her to a place where salad is not an after-thought. I've had some good ones at Bloom and Cafe Citron, but have not been to either in quite some time.

All prices, anything east of Central Ave. Thanks!

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  1. Il Postino is good for salads. My wife had the Mixed Greens (way more to it than it sounds), and I had the Italian Picnic (I think that was the name). Both were wonderful. For more substance, you can add chicken or fish (I think) to them for an upcharge, but I thought they were perfect as is (and we had bruschetta anyways, so we didn't leave hungry by a long shot).

    $5 glasses of wine before 4pm is also a wonderful thing.

    Postino Winebar
    3939 E Campbell Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85018

    1. West of Central, really? If you're open to a bit east:

      I've had a great Thai Beef Salad at Cherryblossom Noodle Cafe.

      Cherryblossom Noodle Cafe
      914 E Camelback Rd Ste 1, Phoenix, AZ 85014

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        Thanks mamamia - I have edited my post - I meant EAST of Central.

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          One of my Mother's favorite Salad places is Arcadia Farms in Old Town.
          They have a great salad selection and a few heartier dishes for the bigger eater.
          My Favorite is the warm gilled vegetable salad w/ chicken. My Mom loves the Greek Salad. You can't beat the setting as well! It's beautiful.

          I highly suggest a reservation!

          Arcadia Farms Restaurant
          7014 East First Avenue, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

      2. you know, i LOVE LOVE delux's salads. I never end up with a burger there.

        and also, surprisingly, I find myself really attracted to the salads at CPK on occasion.

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          i hadn't thought of delux - their beet salad sounds perfect. thanks!

          any idea how the salads are at orange table? i know you're a fan of that place.

          1. re: azhotdish

            you know, haven't been in a while.... its one of those places that just sort of fades into the background sometimes... nothing wrong, just forget about it...

            it occured to me, of course the liegeoise is renowned, but I'm a big fan of the endive salad at trente cinq as well.....

            i agree with poster below about lisa g...

        2. personally i love the salad's at lisa g's, the steak salad and the fruitti de mar especially.

          1. I like three things at Old Town Tortilla Factory: the margaritas, the patio, and the tequila lime salad. Get it with some rock shrimp and you have a filling, delightful, light meal.