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May 19, 2008 12:06 PM

Union Oyster House - don't bother

As my psoriatic arthritic husband ascended the stairs to our table, the general manager informed my husband that we would not be served alcohol at our table. What a way to greet a first time customer! His inability to climb the stairs was taken by management that he was loaded. We were visiting our son in Boston and had reservations for a nice dinner out for six; so after being seated we decided to leave and spend our money elsewhere. An email to the GM went unanswered. Not a restaurant I ever want to visit again. He embarrassed my husband in front of his family; something we will never forget. I've been married to my husband for 28 years and that was the worst treatment we have ever experienced and we eat out weekly. We walked over to McCormick & Schmick's and had a lovely meal with a wonderful server.

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  1. The GM probably did you a favor.

    UOH is considered by many here a poor choice for food; with the exception of sitting at the oyster bar.

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    1. re: 9lives

      How does the food get better when one sits at the raw bar? I have read that several times here but never understood that.

      1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

        I don't think it's where you sit, so much as what you order. The raw bar menu is widely considered to be all that's worth eating at Ye Olde.

        1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

          The shuckers pre-shuck the oysters for table eating. So, you will get dried out, sitting around oysters. But, if you sit at the bar, they shuck to order.

          1. re: beetlebug

            Two good answers. Thanks finlero and beetlebug.

          2. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

            If you sit at the raw bar, your clams or oysters are shucked to order.

            If you sit at a table, they are preshucked and can sit around for a while before they get to you.

            Cooked food wouldn't get the same, no matter where you sit..and I avoid it.

            1. re: 9lives

              man, i wish people would just stop going to this dump and put it out of all our miseries. it stunk 20 years ago. go to the second oldest restaurant in america, it HAS to have better food.

              1. re: hyde

                O thank you for expressing my thoughts, hyde!
                Kate, I am so, so sorry that this was your experience in Boston. Come back and visit the board before you do. There are many wonderful places to enjoy!

                1. re: hyde

                  Maybe not 20, but 25 years ago it was pretty good. (seriously!)