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May 19, 2008 11:52 AM

San Angelo chow

I will be in San Angelo next week. Any restaurant suggestions? I'm particularly interested in trying Texas BBQ.

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  1. There was an Old Time Pit BBQ that was pretty good. It has the same sign as Coopers in Llano but I don't know it they're related.

    1. San Angelo oddly doesn't have many good BBQ places. It's more well-known for steakhouses and Mexican food.

      Old Time Pit BBQ is OK. It's not the best. My FAVORITE BBQ place is 1.5 hours up the road in Abilene: Harold's Pit BBQ. It is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place next to City Lumber off Pine street. You can recognize it by the line out the door!! They are more of a lunch place, so you might call first if you're planning to head up for dinner. Another place with good BBQ in Abilene is Joe Allen's on Treadaway Blvd.

      As for steakhouses, everyone seems to have their favorite:
      Western Skies
      Zentner's Daughter
      Twin Mountain

      Mejor Que Nada is well-known for good, cheap Mexican food and potent margaritas.

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        Update on San Angelo. We were there over Memorial Day weekend. Mejor Que Nada has been bought by the people who own Chilango's and is not called Chilango's City althought Mejor Que Nada signs are still all over everywhere. It seemed pretty good, although I must tell you that I am from New Mexico and you know what New Mexicans generally think of TexMex.

        We also at at Pleasant Valley Restaurant and it was very good.

        1. re: bleen68

          Peasant Village is good. My BIL is a chef and he always eats there when he's in town.

          That is a real shame about Mejor being bought out and Zentner's closing!

          I am NOT a fan of Henry's except for their CFS.

          San Angeloans are thrilled to get chain restaurants because they went without them for so long. When I was in college, the Chili's at the mall opened and people went nuts! When Cheddar's opened, the wait for lunch was 2 hours!

          Another place I liked (not steaks or BBQ) was Ichiban Japanese on College Hills.

          1. re: ChristieP

            Yes....they love the chain resturants here....Olive Garden was front page news when they opened. 3 hour wait to get it. Makes me want to cry.

            Peasant village has the best crab cakes :) :) :)

      2. Zetners is closed and now it is Henrys Steakhouse.(Its been closed since January i think....I cried a little)

        My favorite places in this town are Twin Mountain (smoked prime rib!), Pack Saddle (best bbq in town), Pacos Place (World famous enchilada casserole). There is a little Korean place called the Red Pepper which I like. They have good dumplings and cucumber kim chee. There are a lot of chain resturants here....which is depressing. Chilangos is ok :) People here like Henrys with their wierd white sauce...which I think is ranch and sour cream.