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May 19, 2008 11:38 AM

Top Chef - Restaurant Wars [Possible Spoilers]

Guest Judges - Jose Andrés and Anthony Bourdain

Teams seem to be broken down to:
Antonia, Richard and Stephanie versus Dale, Lisa and Spike

I bet the reason the teams are broken down this way is that Antonia wins the quickfire and is able to select who she wants to work with, thus picks Richard and Stephanie

any predictions?

No, these aren't spoilers, just observations I made from seeing the commercials

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  1. yes, Bravo needs to do better editing in their previews, the camera alludes to either Dale or Lisa getting cut

    1. Wow, those are tough judges. Should be fun to watch.

      1. in other noteworthy news, Spike gets fired from Mai House and is replaced by Lisa - funny

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        1. re: attractivekid

          I can't wait to watch this.I have to work at TJMAXX tonight,but can watch the rerun when I get home.
          DUOH! Had a Homer moment.Did anyone watch Conan O'Brian last night?
          He had Tony Bourdain on,and I wanted to watch it,but feel alseep.What did they talk about?
          I hope Lisa goes home this time.

          1. re: attractivekid

            Pathetic is more like it. So Spike is coming to DC to grill burgers? Maybe I can stop in and tell him he sucks.

            1. re: Ericandblueboy

              <Maybe I can stop in and tell him he sucks.> He won't believe you. He's so full of himself, I'll bet he thinks he walks on water.

          2. My prediction and hope is that Richard and Stephanie continue to do well. I really hope that one of those two pull this one off.

            My other prediction is that they sit in front of a Glad advertisement and say 'Whole Foods' at least 37 times.

            just being a wisea$$, I love this show.

            1. The episode just started... did I miss this before, or is this the first time they've said that the finale will be in Puerto Rico?

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              1. re: gyozagirl

                I think they have announced it before.... but it's definitely on their website. There's a mini-interview with Tom about it.