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May 19, 2008 11:26 AM

Paris Wednesday! steak frites/sardines/oysters?

We're in Provence now and will be in Paris in just a few days. While we've had some wonderful food here, we're looking for more in Paris. Where can we find these three?

- the best steak frites
- the best sardines, fried or grilled, and
- the best oysters -- or is it too late for the season?

Thanks for any help!

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  1. For steak/frites, Relaise de Venise, if you are on a budget, Gormets des Ternes or the Brasseries like Balzar and Bofinger, if you want a higher quality steak at about double the price.

    1. get those sardines while you're in Provence! ;>D

      1. Thanks for the recommendations! I think I had Relaise de Venise on a "possibility list" at one time.

        Has anyone been to Bistro Paul Bert? Is it worthwhile?

        And ChefJune: we're off to search out sardines today - it's our last in Provence.

        1. Good fresh sardines in Paris: that will be hard. Your best shot is at seafood specialised places, hoping that they receive some that day. By growing price: L'Uitr, Le Duc, Divellec. I second Chef June -- get some super fresh sardines while you're on the coast.

          Steak frites: I would second Oakglen but definitely add le Bis du Sévero and l'Ami Louis ($$).

          Le Paul Bert is good but not worth a trip from the other end of Paris. It's a textbook bistrot, a good one, not amazing or wonderful.

          1. Thanks souphie -- I we value your opinion.

            What about oysters? Are we too late for the season?

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              There's no oyster season. Only in summer all non-sterile oysters will tend to be more milky. Some purists think it's inappropriate, but I like oysters all years and you definitely can find some all years. The place to eat oysters in Paris are the brasseries and most are good enough. Dessirier, le Dome are particularly fish-oriented.