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May 19, 2008 11:22 AM

[London] - Dragon Castle

I am so happy this is my local dim sum joint.

It was just me, but that didn't stop me from being greedy.

- Tripe with scallions and ginger:
Oh man, best tripe this style I have had. Ever. Just perfectly seasoned. Full, sweet ginger flavor with a light bite of chili. Soft, just properly chewy pieces of tripe. Excellent.

- Chive and Shrimp dumpling:
Nice thin wrapper. Good flowering chive flavor with good chunks of shrimp.

- Pork Shu Mai:
Again, nice wrapper with high quality filling.

- Sticky Rice:
Good texture and flavor. Nice chunks of chicken and various mushrooms.

- Salt and Pepper Squid:
Pedestrian, not great. Only real let down of the meal.

- Roast Pork Chueng Fun:
Decent. I like it when scallions are added into the wrapped noodle.

16 pounds with a pot of tea.


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  1. Dragon Castle is really good. Dismal part of town though. Have you moved to Brixton already then?

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    1. re: greedygirl

      The area wasn't great there, yea, but nothing horrific.

      I'm in Borough actually. Dragon Castle is only a 15 min walk for me though.

    2. Cycled up to DC for an impuse late lunch today, having read this post the other day . I hadnt been there for a while and it was definately worth it!.

      I had the Tripe, Prawn and Chive Dumpling and Shumai as recommended, but had the steamed ribs in blackbean sauce instead of the other stuff..

      All of it was great, and agreed, the tripe was excellent...