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May 19, 2008 11:20 AM

Underberg bitters

Does anyone know where to get these little bottles of bitters in New York? They're from Germany. I love all varieties of bitters in general, but I was intrigued by these after reading about them in a recent New Yorker article about hangovers:

You don't just splash these in a glass of seltzer or tonic water. You drink the entire little bottle.

After reading the same article, I need to at least try Irn-Bru and Bovril, too.

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  1. Check out german bars, like Lederhosen. I actually used to work for the company that imports these things, and happen to have a case under my bed!

    I'm not 100% convinced that they clear up hangovers, but the incredibly strong herbal flavor definitely wakes you up! Keep in mind that these little bottles are 40% alcohol, which is needed to dissolve the herbal components, so it is like having another shot of alcohol.

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      Lederhosen keeps bottles of Underberg on a little tin milk truck on their bar.

      As for Bovril and Irn-Bru, you can get both of Myer's of Keswick. Between Lederhosen and Myer's, the West Village seems to be the capital of hangover remedies.

    2. Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure I've seen them in Kalustyan's - across from the cash registers, on the shelves above the dried fruit.

      I just drink Underberg as a digestif, over ice, like I would Fernet-Branca or Ramazotti etc. etc.

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      1. HI Bgrey,

        We get our UB at:

        Cheap and fast shipping, great folks to work with.

        No more cold winters for us in Minnesota...KAD

        1. Old post, but I'm going to offer and update:

          I just spent over an hour on the phone trying to track down some Underberg that is for sale in a retail environment (not a restaurant) in NYC, and finally found some at The Food Emporium on E. 32nd in Manhattan.

          HOWEVER...before I left to go get them, I stopped in for a sandwich at Bklyn Larder (I live in Fort Greene), and LO AND BEHOLD, they sell Underberg right there at the cash register!!! They have them displayed in a smart looking 12-pack display box, and I convinced them to sell me an entire box. They were $24 for 12, which obviously amounts to $2 per bottle. I suppose I could've ordered the 30-bottle box for $40 from here:

          ...but at Bklyn Larder, there was no waiting, no shipping charge, and they were only $0.75 more per bottle. Definitely worth it in my book. Called multiple locations of Dead & DeLuca, Food Emporium, and Morton Williams, and in every instance, without fail, the person on the phone was easily confused and annoyed by my inquiries, and obviously didn't give a shit about offering pleasant customer service. The chick who answered the phone at Prime Meats, however, was awesome. Not only was she genuinely nice and interested in helping me, but she even put me on hold so that she could personally ask the bartender where he thought I could score some retail Underberg (they also serve it at Prime Meats, by the way). Yeah, she was fantastic.

          By the way, you can also get Underberg at this great German beer pub called Der Schwarze K├Âlner in Fort Greene. Amazing beer selection, and a bandolier of Underberg behind the bar. Nice.

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          1. re: bht2109

            you can also get it at prime meats. they serve it in interesting gold-rimmed glasses.