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May 19, 2008 11:19 AM

Is there any good Brazilian in this town?

This isn't a churrascaria?

I should add that I've been to Bosso and Esperanto so far. Bosso is not very good and Esperanto, while better, isn't great and not particularly authentic.

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  1. While I have not personally been to Via Brasil myself, others in my family went, based on the recommendation of a NYC family originally from Brazil. The feedback was very positive, so much so that the restaurant is on my list of places to visit some day. My recollection is that Hound reviews were also positive when I checked a while ago.

      1. re: intrepid

        Well OK, but they have fejoida on the menu. They speak Portuguese. They are catering to Brazilians. They are presenting themselves as Brazilian...

        1. re: eternalX

          oh ok, i havent been there in a while...for me it was not brazilian..guess they changed

      2. Have you tried Zebu Grill on E. 92nd Street? It's close to us so we go pretty often and quite like it. My husband likes the fejoada (sp?) there.

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        1. re: MMRuth

          $25 for fejoida? you have to be kidding me. Fejoida is peasant food, made out of leftovers. Maybe it is a fancy place, but there's something in me about the principle of the whole thing.

          1. re: eternalX

            It's not fancy in terms of decor, for what it's worth - very homey and rustic.

            1. re: MMRuth

              OK. So after chastising you about $25 fejoida, we ate $20 fejoida at Casa. Seems a bit ridiculous being something you get in Brazil for $4, but I guess we aren't in Brazil. Maybe we'll make it up to Zebu sometime.

              1. re: eternalX

                Thanks for reporting back on Casa - we've wanted to try it and so maybe we'll make it down there some time (actually, we do go downtown a lot!).

                For what it's worth, my husband feels the same way about 'fusion' Latin cuisine - paying far too much for rice and beans that we could make at home.

        2. I have had some good meals at Casa on Bedford St. I also liked Delicia on 11th St. in the Village a lot, but the service there is very relaxed, so only go if you don't have to be anyplace afterwards.

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          1. re: jdmetz

            We ended up at Casa tonight. Had the pork chop, steak with onions, fejoida, and beef stroganoff. It was all pretty good. We enjoyed it quite a bit. It was a little long from appys to mains, but nothing too bad. All in all, the best Brazilian we've had in town since we've moved here.

          2. I used to eat lunch at Via Brasil when I worked in the area. I liked it, and it was also a favorite of my Brazilian co-worker, FWIW.

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            1. re: vvvindaloo

              vvvindaloo, i've heard good things about via brasil from a co-worker seconded from brazil, as well. (the word is it does a pretty good rendition of the staples for homesick brazilians, but doesn't serve anything more involved.) if you have anything in particular you'd recommend for lunch, please do tell. i should give it a go.

              1. re: cimui

                Well, when I was treating myself, I ordered a sopa de feijao (black bean soup) and either the skirt steak from the churrasco menu or the shell steak from the meat entree list. Great fried bananas and yucca, too :) I also had a bacalhau dish once that was excellent, though I cannot which preparation it was.

                1. re: vvvindaloo

                  thank you, vvvv! sounds like i'll have to go when i anticipate a slow afternoon, so i can pass out under my desk in peace, after. :)