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May 19, 2008 11:18 AM

Looking for Weird Hong Kong Chips

Has anyone seen "grill-a-corn garlic toast flavoured chips" by Calbee foods anywhere around Queens? They're made in Hong Kong.

I saw it here:

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  1. They're not really chips so much as Cheetos without the cheese powder. You looking for any Grill-a-Corn or specifically just the garlic flavor?

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    1. re: Luther

      I'll take what I can get. You know a mother load?

      1. re: Jim Leff

        I was always able to pick up some of the original flavor Calbee corn puffs from the bins right at check out at the Dynasty Supermarket in Chinatown. It's a very popular brand that you see in most Chinese markets so I'd be surprised if the Chinese market in JH wouldn't have it.

        1. re: Jim Leff

          Jim, today I was in JAS Mart on 110 and BWay and spotted the Calbee corn snack on sale. They were in a separate section from the other snacks that also had the Calbee potato chips, so look carefully.
          If you go to the link Silverjay provide it's the one on the far left in the "Vegetable Snacks Family" section. It's sort of hard to see on the site, but it's a picture of a grille corn with soy sauce being brushed on and roasting over fire.

          There are much better than the "baked" ones I got from Kam Man, but sorry, haven't seen the garlic flavored ones, yet.

          *These are called Yakimorokoshi on the website.

      2. I have seen these at the 2 supermarkets that are in the same vicinity of Chao Thai and the dumpling place in Elmhurst. That strip mall that has Singa's pizza - a chinese, viet, thai restaurants all in the same lot. I cannot remember the name of the streets around there but I am sure you know where that must be.

        1. HK Supermarket on Main St in Flushing definitelay carries the Calbee brand. They even have one that seaweed flavored.

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          1. re: moymoy

            thanks all. has anyone seen the garlic toast flavor, btw?

          2. Calbee's actually a Japanese brand, so perhaps one of the Japanese markets in Manhattan or Mitsuwa in NJ has what you're looking for if you're willing to travel a bit.

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            1. re: Silverjay

              This isnt Calbee, as in the Korean beef short ribs, is it?

              Anyway, i have had Kalbi (or Galbi...or Calbee) flavored chips before, purchased at the korean supermarket on 32nd st (in Manhattan).

              Probably not much help but i thought I'd add my cents.

              1. re: Silverjay

                Silverjay, it's interesting that the link you provided for Calbee didn't have any corn puff products, but mostly potato. In fact it didn't have any of the snacks that I've gotten in the past that's "grill-a-corn" .
                So today I went to the Dynasty store to see if they still had it. The store was under renovation, and didn't have a lot of the regular things (but i did unexpectedly find other good things). I went to another store, and they had some Calbee baked corn puff (BBQ was not tasty, and didnt' have the ole standby original flavor, nor the garlic that Jim is looking for) labeled "made in Hong Kong", but had more of the potato products. I've only gotten the Seaweed and Salt flavor potato chip, but haven't tried, yet.

                While I was in China, and Hong Kong, I've had cravings for the good ole US potato chips, and was never happy with the Asian versions. I mean at first it was just hard to find potato chips, and then it was hard to find potato chips that tasted like potato chips. So, I'm not holding my breath .

                Anyhow, the mystery remains, are there TWO Calbee companies, one Japanese, one Chinese?

                1. re: HLing

                  Not two companies, they just have manufacturing plants in multiple locations. Kind of like how Cadbury's chocolate is produced in the UK, Australia, and a couple other places.

                  1. re: Luther

                    So I tried the Seaweed and Salt potato chip. It was alright. Light, very thin, almost too thin so that the seasoning is overpowering the potato flavor. It is better than what I could find in China in that it's closer to real potato taste. Most of all, I got the website off of the bag:, and there we can see more products that are more familiar to us, such as the shrimp chips...but I don't see the Grill-A-Corn flavors I once knew.

                    So i then looke up Calbee Hong Kong, and "Four Seas", and voila, here are all the packaging and flavors (an more) that I was used to getting in the past in Chinatown. The grill-a-Corn here looks a lot more exciting than the Calbee America's lineup.

                    So Luther is right in the comparison to Cadbury. And as with Cadbury's better UK milk chocolate version, I think I favor Calbee's corn line from Hong Kong but the potatoe line from US.

                    JIm, I've only have the British potato chips a few times. Maybe it's the freshness issue, but I wasn't too impressed as I tasted mostly oil. I know they have better potato in general from trusted testimonies, so maybe I just have to BE there to eat it instead of buying something that may have been in transit for a while too long. While in Hong Kong I did visit the Great Food Hall (I think it was called) but I don't recall seeing British potato chips.

                    1. re: HLing

                      Average British chips are awful. And bad British chips are beneath contempt. But the really good artisinal ones are really good. sounds lik you haven't spotted any of them...yet!

                      1. re: Jim Leff

                        Sounds promising! I'll keep my eyes open.

                  2. re: HLing

                    British potato chips are quite good; in fact, the best of their breed beats most of our best. I bet you could find some of them in high-end groceries in Hong Kong.