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May 19, 2008 11:13 AM

Sticky Rice

I was wondering how to make tasty sticky rice the way I have been eating at a Thai restaurant consistently that comes wrapped in banana leaves. It is incredibly sticky and sweet, not sure if they use coconut milk maybe, coconut oil, butter, or something else but it is truly delicious.

Does anyone have any suggestions to try to get sticky rice tasting like this?


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  1. It might include sweetened condensed milk in addition to coconut milk, or it could also use something like cream of coconut, which is a sweetened coconut milk. I've add this in Thai restaurants served with fresh mango, which is a great addition.

    1. It requires a special Thai Glutinous Rice. The brand I've got is Ko-Ko by Siam Grains. There's a recipe on the back for the sweet sticky rice with mango that tastes just about exactly like what you get in a Thai restaurant. It's a little involved but sooo good. Regular rice is not going to work - neither is Japanese sushi rice- this stuff is solid white and not translucent in its uncooked stage. I'm in Oregon and we have a few great Asian markets which carry it. Very addicting stuff!!

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        Thanks, Im going to be on a lookout for that glutinous rice. Ive been craving it and trying things out, but hopefully thats the answer.


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          You shouldn't have too much trouble tracking it down. Note that it comes in smaller bags [at least in my stores] than regular rice. And also, Thai sticky rice is long grain versus the Japanese which I believe is short grain [much to the dismay of my husband who I suspect believes there is a great rice conspiracy to fill our house with many *purportedly* different types of rice......

      2. Yes, you have to steam some Lao/NE Thai Khao Niyau. Use coconut cream and Cambodian sugar palm molassis.