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May 19, 2008 11:07 AM

New Brunswick 'Fat-Cats'

There are truly not much food products better than the fat cats at Rutgers and New brunswick, especially those from the grease trucks.

I must not be the only one that has experimented with their own fat cat sandwiches at home, my newest creation being:

on a loaf of ciabatta, clams, red sauce, french fries, eggplant, mushrooms, chicken fingers and tons of hot sauce.

Id love to hear some other creations.

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  1. Ahh the grease trucks...

    Brings me back. Ate there all the time as a student, but never once sober!

    Well, at least not a Fat-Cat. Maybe a hot dog or something between classes, and a Fat-Cat at 3:30 am on Sunday morning.

    I have never experimented with Fat-Cats at home. I limit my zaniness to omelettes primarily.

    1. I agree that the grease trucks of New Brunswick offer a delicacy to the NJ Dining scene. I would have to suggest the following fat cat creation, it is somewhat of a spin-off of the sandwich Adam Sandler made in the movie Spanglish, but with a bit more New Brunswick......

      Sourdough Grilled, 2 fried eggs, american cheese, waffle fries, pork roll, spinach artichoke dip, and mayonaisse......

      Give it a shot.

      1. I like the ones with the gyro meat and extra white and hot sauce, and I may be the only one I know who orders them without the fries.

        1. OK Here goes, while it's not from New Brunswick, I think it fits this category. I recently tried a Torta Cubano. I mistakenly thought it would be a Cuban Sandwich, here's what it was. A two egg & chorizo omlet on a oval roll, topped with beef Milanese (breaded & fried beef), a slice of grilled ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, avacado, onion, pickled jalapeno, refried beans, chipotle salsa, and mayo. It was a good as it sounds, in other words, if it sounds yuk, it would be for you, I absolutely LOVED it. The cheese was Queso Oaxaca, which is alot like fresh mozzarella. I had it at Taco's No Problem on Broad St. in Keyport.