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May 19, 2008 11:01 AM

Avli (greek in bayside)

Recently had a deeply killing pork souvlaki sandwich at Avli 3831 Bell Blvd, bayside 718-224-7575.

anyone try anything else here? Just a block or so north of wonderful Il Vesuvio.

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  1. woops, did a's known.

    As astoria has declined in greek, bayside's improved. interesting. Much like the decline of jackson heights happening in parallel to the improvement of Hicksville.

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Astoria still has some great Greek places. Just went to Agnanti for the first time and plan on going again. Very excellent appetizers and a wonderful dessert on the house. Entrees are large portions so you might want to just order various appetizers and the wonderful greek salad. Good wine, good value, try the outer seating - inside is kind of dark. 19-06 Ditmars Blvd and another location in Brooklyn.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        By Jackson Heights for Hicksville, do you mean Indian food? If so, what kind of Indian food? Gujarati?

        1. re: JFores

          many of the south indians from jackson heights that didn't move to edison are in hicksville (with a smattering in new hyde park). it runs pretty much the gamut, including some punjabis.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            What worthwhile restaurants are over there? Are you sure they're South Indians? Most of the people I've seen in New Hyde Park were Gujarati and I know Patel Brothers opened a Hicksville branch. I haven't seen any intriguing restaurants during my few trips to the area though.

            1. re: JFores

              There are gujuratis everywhere! As for the restaurant scene, it changes hourly. There are a number of indian-chinese, at least two south indian, a punjabi, and, since I haven't really been checking out that scene in months, doubtless all sorts of other shifting around. Jackson heights was never exclusively south indian, anyway. My point is that that melange has moved east (at least the portion that didn't move west).

              Oh, and the only place I can definitely vouch for right now is Lahore grill, just north of the LIRR overpass on the main street (forgot the name...same one ikea is on). Really good northern, especially the kebabs, which rock. Cooked dishes and breads vary nastily.

      2. Thanks for the tip on the Souvlaki sandwich. It is quite good. Nice, juicy chunks of pork, just the right touch of lemon in the flavoring. Kind of sleepy during lunch hours, only about 4 customers in the place. Some guys ordered a plate of fries at the next table, looked delicious. Too bad I had money in the meter; I could have savored the place a bit more. Next time.

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        1. re: Polecat

          You're a pessimist. Me? I'd bask in glowing wonderment if I ever found a legal spot around there.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            The trick is to park on the residential streets just a block or so off Bell... :)

            And I love Avli for the lunch specials! They never skimp on the portions.

        2. Tried Avli today, easy street parking around 2pm. Waitress was completely spaced out, didn't tell us the lunch specials, and seemed kind of annoyed that we wanted to know all of them, since we saw them quickly on blackboard outside. There was only 2 tables that were finished so there was really no excuse for her poor service...anyway, she improved from there, sort of. Anyway, to the food. We ordered Pastichio lunch special for $6.50, and the chicken souvlaki specials for $8.95. French fries, lemon potatoes as sides with greek salad. Positives: Pastich very tasty, and really generous portion, owner said it was actually underpriced, should be $7.95 and he's right, it should be. Lemon potatoes, simple but good. Salad okay enough, but no dressing, served with boring olive oil and red vinager in a carafe. Asked for some other dressing, and they brought something my husband liked okay, and I didn't at all. This was a negative for me, but frankly I ended up putting my chicken into the pita and eating it with the salad and tzaziki. Lots of pita served with tzatiki, and this was good. French fries were okay, not greasy, but not especially flavorfull or special in any way. Chicken was slightly overcooked which is better than undercooked, but a bit tough as it cooled down. But it had decent flavor.

          I would rate the portions as very generous, much more say than Corfu on Austin Street. Drinks were also included a coke, and an iced tea which was good as well. Quality of the food was okay, nothing special, but it's a decent place for lunch. I wouldn't go out of my way to go there, but it's good if you're in the area. Didn't try their spinach pie, and so, I can't give my op on that...but sounds like a high price for appetizer portion, and the ones at Chicken Kebab in Roslyn are very good and priced more fairly for the size.

          So, all in all, I was expecting something really special, but it didn't do it for me. Not any better than Corfu, but then again, I don't eat pork, and maybe that's what they do well. Their dips looked pretty okay, and the octopus portion looked on the smallish side and overcooked from what I saw going to a table.

          1. I went with my wife and son last week. My son had chicken nuggets and french fries. He wouldn't share his chicken but the french fries were good. My wife had the gyro sandwich and said it was dry. I had grilled calamari. The calamari was fantastic when it was hot. It lost some of its flavor when cold.

            All in all, it was a very nice meal.