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May 19, 2008 10:46 AM

Help in Waikiki

Need somewhere with great food and drink priced half a step down from Alan Wong's and Chef Mavro. The tough part is we are 8 couples. TIA

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  1. Roy's tends to be a little less pricey than Mavro and Alan Wong's, although i suspect the prices at the one in Waikiki would be somewhat higher. You might check out Duke's. Not the same caliber as the other 3, but quite good. Tiki's in Waikiki got great initial reviews, but downhill since then. If leaving Waikiki would not impact cost (taxi fare) you might check out Plumeria Cafe at the Kahala (formerly Kahala Hilton, Kahala Mandarin). Chai's at aloha Tower is fun and very good food, thai inspired. Duc's Bistro downtown is very good, but 8 couples would be a large group - reservations in advance would be necessary. I like the crab cakes there as well as almost anywhere.

    added comment - see what was discussed about romantic restaurants, esp regarding mariposa at Neiman Marcus.

    The Top of Waikiki has been getting some good comments locally, revolving restaurant on the top of the Waikiki Business Plaza. Bali by the sea would also be a good choice, and not quite as expensive as the two named above. Still, any time you eat in Waikiki you are going to be paying premium prices. Even McD's, Burger King, and Jack are more expensive in Waikiki than anyplace else.

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      Thank you for the info. Just to clarify we are looking for a fun upbeat place with great food that can handle a large group. Anything within $100pp is doable. The trip is not until early July so we will be making rerservations well in advance. We will have cars so it can be within a reasonable drive of Waikiki.

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        per my added comment above, you might check Mariposa. Your comment about upbeat made me think... Sr. Frog has opened in Waikiki. I've not been, but you can't get more upbeat than that. The yardhouse has also opened in the same area of waikiki (beachwalk/seaside) and could be a good choice as well.

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        I need to do this one. I have never been a big fan of "revolving" restaurants, having tried far too many, but you are correct - good recs., so this might be the anomoly.

        Along similar lines, we did have a great meal, a few trips back, at Aaron's Atop the Ala Moana. It did not revolve (or at least I do not think it did - maybe after 3 bottles of wine... ), but it was a bit similar. Still, really good food, and service, plus a wonderful view. I'd do this one again, when I could fit it into our dining schedule.