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May 19, 2008 10:43 AM

Victorian era dinner party?

Some of us wanted to stage a dinner party on the occasion of "Victoria Day", the 24th of May. Not that we are monarchist by any means, but thought it might be fun. Of course upper-middle-class food or up to royal and aristocratic, because I doubt any of us would be very happy with the foods working class people had to make do with in Victoria's reign, but nothing terribly elaborate, it is just for fun. Any ideas?

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  1. Great idea. Don't know if woodcock and grouse are available, but quail might be an acceptable substitute. Here are three helpful sources:

    1. For a dinner of that theme, you must include oysters. For reasons that I cannot quite fathom (no pun intended), oysters were VERY popular in those times.

      Incidentally, please don't invite me if oysters are the only thing that is available, as I do not eat them. Does that make me anti-Victorian?

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. if it's not too complicated for you to pull off, do a tasting menu. really elaborate meals had a ridiculous number of courses, with small amounts of food for each course.

          popular foods:

          boiled beef
          roast beef
          steamed puddings
          meat pies
          smoked herring (or pickled)
          pickled vegetables
          fruit preserves / jarred fruit (for dessert)
          anything french or french sounding
          (and of course, ted's suggestion of oysters -- very popular)

          cool idea for a party. :)

          1. Hmm, maybe this is too Edwardian, but you should possibly have a syllabub, ratafia, kippers and huge epergnes filled with flowers.