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May 19, 2008 10:20 AM

Beer in Eastern Europe

My husband and I will be heading off to Eastern Europe soon, specifically to Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic and I need some advice about beer choices in those countries.

Here's some background to help you advise me: I've only recently started drinking beer; it's not an age thing, since I've got an AARP card in my wallet. I just never seemed to like the taste of beer. Then, on a trip to China, I began drinking Tsing Tao and found I liked the taste. That led me to other Asian beers (Singha and Sapporo) when eating ethnic food back home in the US.

What beers will I find in the countries on our trip that I'm likely to enjoy? What beers might my husband enjoy since his favorite is Smithwick's?


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  1. If you liked Tsing Tao, Singha, have no where else to go but up in terms of quality beer........The Czech Republic is a Mecca for beer drinkers.......Pilsner Urquell, Budvar.........if you liked the beers you mentioned try the lagers/pilsners, throughout the countries you travel through......the saving grace is that you have started on the bottom of the beer pyramid in terms of quality beer......hopefully your palate has not been too corrupted so as not to enjoy whats to come......good luck Proste!!

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      A person could find beers much worse than those the OP mentions.

    2. Sounds like you and your husband will enjoy drinking whatever the locals are drinking.

      1. Should you be wandering around Prague you might give U FLE KU (phonetic) a try. The oldest pub in the old city and they brew only a dark beer.