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May 19, 2008 10:19 AM

Looking for a kid-friendly Italian Restaurant in Baltimore Area

My soon to 3 year old daughter has said that she wants pasta at a restaurant for her birthday. I'm hoping to find a place that will have kid size portions of more than just pasta with red sauce and other kid menu staples. Since her and her brother who is six often are more interested what we are eating.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Amicci's might be a nice bet for you. They have a really nice variety for their kid's menu. I like the place alright as well. The food won't astonish, but it's definitely good for the cheap price-point. (click on childrens for the pdf)

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        Thank you my daughter and me both like the look of the variety of their kid's menu.

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          Glad to be of help. In case the LI area's new for you: there is usually ample street parking (most places let you park for up to 3 hours) around the blocks surrounding amiccis. Across the square from the restaurant is Vaccaro's so you can buy a little italian treat (their cookies are great, and the mini cannoli is a great small size) for her birthday as well if you are inclined.

      2. You could also try S'ghetti Eddie's on Cold Spring. They totally cater to kids there.

        1. Actually, Olive Branch on Reisterstown Road is a good option, good red sauce. Their kids menu includes the salad & breadsticks too. They have good crabcakes too.