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May 19, 2008 10:16 AM

Guatemalan on Broadway, Prov

Has anyone been to the Guatemalan restaurant [don't remember the name] on Broadway, Providence, RI?

I've always been curious about it each time I eat at Nick's, and was wondering if it was any good or not.

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  1. You know, I always drive by there and wonder the same thing.

    Can anyone help us?!

    1. it's called el chapincito and it's yummy.

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      1. fwiw, there's a very recent phoenix writeup:

        i plan on trying this out some day...

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        1. re: passing thru

          Thanks for the link.

          Although I don't think the Phoenix has ever written a bad review for a restaurant.

          Definitely makes me want to try it though. =)

          1. re: malyna

            yeah, agreed. that's sort of what the "for what it's worth" was for. i figured there was at least some pertinent info about the name and some dishes they serve there, though.

            1. re: passing thru

              Haha, I couldn't figure out what the "fwiw" was for.

              Thanks to you, now I have a new internet and culinary vocabulary.