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Spice Room & Chutney Bar?

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It has been suggested the Spice Room in Hazelton Lanes may be the perfect place for a special dinner. All input welcome as I have heard nothing of this location.

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      Thanks for the link deelicious, but, unless I missed something, there was only one actual guest's dining experience shared. Does anyone have more specific experiences - price point, wine selection, service?

    2. I went during Winterlicious and had a marvellous experience. Incredibly friendly servers and attentive in the best possible way. Available without hovering. Food was delicious. Had an osso buco that ranked in my most favourite meals of recent times. Sat in the open part of the Lanes and they draw these massive curtains around the dining area in the evening. Odd in that the restrooms are the Lanes' ones and not restaurant-specific. Quality of service and food lend it to being 'special' but you may want to look at how its laid out as it is somewhat unconventional.

        1. I took the BF there for his b'day, and while it was expensive, the food was excellent and the service was competent. Greg C. even came out of the kitchen to check on things. BF had the steak with foie gras, which was excellent. (My cholesterol levels would not permit it, but I was drooling!) I had the snapper which was beautifully presented and very imagninatively done. BF had the chocolate cake for dessert, which had a dash of something peppery, which was surprisingly good. The only drawback from my perspective is the locale. I couldn't help feeling I was eating in the middle of a shopping mall.

          I'm told the bar menu is good and very well priced, if you don't mind eating under the escalator.

          1. Went about a month ago. Good service, and food well executed. Greg C. is back on top of his game. (Welcome back - you were missed.) The signature Jump-Up soup (or whatever they call it now) was not how I remember it, but still good, and hearty too. Appetizers were tasty, esp. the ribs. Seafood mains were spot on; perfectly cooked, perfectly spiced. Pastas seemed fine, but why bother when there are other, more complex and tasty choices? Didn't try desserts (therefore cannot comment). Good wine list, many regions represented, in all prices and categories, and paired well with the food on offer; I'd check the website before you go (http://www.spiceroommanyata.com/spice...) but this doesn't give the complete selection.

            All pricey, yes, but this is supposed to be high-end cuisine from one of T.O.'s original masters. Come to think of it, it actually was not too bad considering alternatives in the same category. Regarding the location: we were inside, which was cozy (but loud), so you didn't get the mall vibe. Try to get a table well into the restaurant.

            Verdict: I'd go again.

            1. Wow; my experience was complete opposite, food-wise anyway. Okay service, but the food was disappointing. The side of veggies looked like they had been plopped out of a can.

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                I agree with you KayceeK. My friends and I had the worst experience at Spice Room. First of all, it took the kitchen almost 2 hours to get our main courses out. When we complained to the kitchen, Greg came out and told us that "obviously we don't understand fine dining." So insulting, especially to a devoted group of foodies who have been going out for dinner in Toronto once a month for over 4 years.

                Once our food came, it was just...eh. We found some of the combinations very odd, such as putting japanese eggplant in the lobster over linguini with rose sauce. Also, while I love heat in my food, some of the spices were so over powering, we could not enjoy the variety of spices.

                At the end of our meal, Greg did offer to give us a "complementary" after dinner brandy...is this the most appropriate consolation when part of the party is obviously pregnant (one of whom was weeks away from popping)? Save yourself the obscene amount of money they charge for terrible service, okay food, and a cold atmosphere. Instead, try some of our favorites over the years:

                Lee Garden
                La Bruchetta
                ..and more. I will post more on a separate page at a later date.

              2. Hated this place. Wildly erratic service--confused, sullen, giddy, squabbling--all in one meal. No subtlety to the cooking. We came away feeling we'd eaten a spice rack.