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May 19, 2008 09:53 AM

Spice Room & Chutney Bar?

It has been suggested the Spice Room in Hazelton Lanes may be the perfect place for a special dinner. All input welcome as I have heard nothing of this location.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. re: deelicious

        Thanks for the link deelicious, but, unless I missed something, there was only one actual guest's dining experience shared. Does anyone have more specific experiences - price point, wine selection, service?

      2. I went during Winterlicious and had a marvellous experience. Incredibly friendly servers and attentive in the best possible way. Available without hovering. Food was delicious. Had an osso buco that ranked in my most favourite meals of recent times. Sat in the open part of the Lanes and they draw these massive curtains around the dining area in the evening. Odd in that the restrooms are the Lanes' ones and not restaurant-specific. Quality of service and food lend it to being 'special' but you may want to look at how its laid out as it is somewhat unconventional.

          1. I took the BF there for his b'day, and while it was expensive, the food was excellent and the service was competent. Greg C. even came out of the kitchen to check on things. BF had the steak with foie gras, which was excellent. (My cholesterol levels would not permit it, but I was drooling!) I had the snapper which was beautifully presented and very imagninatively done. BF had the chocolate cake for dessert, which had a dash of something peppery, which was surprisingly good. The only drawback from my perspective is the locale. I couldn't help feeling I was eating in the middle of a shopping mall.

            I'm told the bar menu is good and very well priced, if you don't mind eating under the escalator.